Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Billboard Awards Red Carpet looks

Hey HAWTies Hey,

Happy Monday to you all!! (grumpy voice) another weekend has came to a holt!! But the weekend came to an end with the billboard awards show & Chris Brown shut it down with his Foinnne self! Lol yea I know that's someone child but shoot come sit on this momma's lap!! Let's see what I got in my purse for you!! -it's been a long day so far HAWTies!

Let's check out a few looks I thought were HAWT, I'm sure you all have different opinions. Please feel free to share those thoughts down in the comments!!

This looks like her grandma Dollie table cloth that she put over her under wear. The fit is awful shows none of her figure. Sorry Nelly don't like this at all!


A. Keys hips looking good in this All black body hugging gown don't know the designer but sista is wearing that dress!!


Carrie Underwood looks like the good witch in this dress. Yea it's cute but I would love to see her in something edgy-er!


Katy Perry has been kills em ever since the break up of her & her ex hubby!! She looks AWESOME, Russell SMH @ you for whatever you did to F this up. Katy I wanna like it, you can kiss me!


Taylor Swift, HAWT girl!! Get it HAWTie in a red dress!!! She looks sexy & I think that may be the first time I've used Taylor & sexy in the same line!!! Loves this on her.


Miley looks like she got hit with Murphy Brown's closet (dont knw who that is google it, showing my age) with a mop for hair! Lots of sites have been oohing over this look. To me if her hair was more on point it would be a nice look. Til then. NO BUENO!!!

These last 2 red carpet looks are the best of the night for me.......


Usher Just changed to game with the colorful suit!! Yea I don't care who says what this is HAWT, picture him & a sea of black & navy suits!! HAWTies it's always great to be fashionable awkward!! Points to you Usher cuz yours looks have been if-y lately


Brany aka Brandnu Giving all kinds of Face & Fierceness!! All the while rocking the natural look!!! Nude dress is ultra sexy. Although we haven't heard any new good music from her. She showed up & showed out in this dress.

Who do you think shut down the Red carpet? Did anyone see Amber Rose in that white dress!!! I did, Go girl!!! Hope you HAWTies enjoyed til next post..... SMOOCHIES!!

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