Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fashion ODE

Hey HAWTies Hey,

Happy Hump day!!!! Well I'm sure you all know by now that today means its Fashion ODE day! Today is a last known for her Harsh manners, her numerous surgeries, straight comedian, also we love her for her snappy lines about celebrities!! She is no holds bars, who is this maverick........


Miss Joan Rivers, she is truly a fashion Queen! The one & only Fashion officer herself! This YOUNG lady has been on the scene since the 50's & has sparked tons of fashion/style. This fashion guru got her start as an actress & her first Roll was playing a lesbian. That right there shows how strong willed & free spirited she is, c'mon lesbians in the 50's!!!

In the sixties is where her comedic side came forward! Playing the 'bait' on the classic Candid Camera. Later that decade she released 2 comedy albums, she also had a short lived talk show!


Now I can go on & on about Joan but what fun is that!!! I want you to do your own research & form your own opinion of her. Most folks think she is just this loud mouth raspy voice evil bad talking heffa! And others (like myself) thinks she is a dominant, independant beast In these fashion streets!!!! So to check out more bout our fashion ode check us out on instagram (massivehawtness) or on tumblr, same name. Til then HAWTies SMOOCHIES!!!

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