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How to pick the HAWTest bathing suit for the Summer..........

IT"S THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!! The weather is HAWT & it's time HAWTies for the BEACH, WATER FIGHTS & COOKOUTS, Who doesn't love the warm sand of the beach & the gentle cool breeze brushing against your face as you lay on your beach blanket, the taste of those colorful sno cones or the splash of a water balloon hitting you on your back LOL, Summer is a very fun time of the year. And Summer goes hand & hand with bathing suits. Yes HAWTies it's that time of the year again to bust out that HAWT sexy body of yours & show off some skin.

Now we all know that not every one's body is made equally, so we know that, that swim suit you're looking at on Forever 21 in a size Medium looks good on the model but maybe not so much on your size 14 frame.  Which is cool because there are plenty of swim suits, sexy ones at that, that are perfect for your 14 size frame.  Cuz there is nothing worse than going out to the water slides & seeing a HAWTie in an ill-fitting swim suit, either love handles bulging out on the sides or she has Four boobs for the top being to tight, it just isn't cute. I know when I put on my swim suit I wanna be the HAWTest thang walking around. So I'm here to help you out with picking out what works for your own frame.  It's not very difficult you just need to know your own body & what you love & dislike to show off., you wanna show off your best assets. But first we must ask .....................

To find that HAWT swim suit you have to make the decision on if your going to 1 piece it or 2 piece it up on the beach. I know what most of you HAWTies are thinking.......... Bikini ain't going to happen for me BOO. Which I can understand because I feel the same way but we shouldn't let the fear of the bikini scare us off, there is no such thing as a perfect body. PERIOD. Ok there's a few walkn around this Earth but not the majority. So I say that to say, no one that rocks a swim suit is perfect so don't worry about if people are staring at you, maybe it's for all the right reason they are staring you never know. But mainly don't worry about what other think or feel about you & out swim suit cuz 9 times outta 10 they are insecure with themselves or suit themselves.
One pieces are super HAWt & can be extremely flattering & sexy  without showing off a lot. You have different choices you can have you back out with your tummy not showing or major cleavage with your hips out, there are many different styles and colors you can choose from. So start with which one you want the 1 piece or the 2 piece.

Since we do have a large variety of sizes & body types we have broken it down by such;

The key to this look is to show off a little skin but in all the right places. Try finding a 1 piece suit with lace or mesh around the waist area.  Shirred, ruched or draped fabric around the stomach helps slim the waistline. Princess seams, vertical lines and some tummy control help create longer curves.

Petite aka Tall Hawties
Choose a high-cut bottom that lengthens your leg. Avoid boy shorts by any means they make you look shorter and also avoid bikinis that cut your body in half with different-colored tops and bottoms. A solid one-piece suit with a high-cut leg, V-neck top, halter top or pretty detailing at the bust creates a long, vertical line, drawing the eye upward and making you look taller, To give yourself the illusion of added curves, buy a bottom with a floral print or one with ruffles.

Top Heavy HAWTies
 Find balance with decorative details on the bottom or try a skirted suit. Thick-strapped halter tops help narrow the appearance of your shoulders while giving extra support,There is nothing worse than seeing a HAWTies with a tig ole bittes with a strap that looks like the levi's of chi chi's is going to blow.

Bottom Heavy HAWTies
Pick a solid-colored bikini bottom that isn't too skimpy, but also avoid boy shorts that often widen your bottom. Skirted bikinis camouflage fuller hips as long as there isn't excessive detailing. Don't wear a skirt that ends at the widest part of your hips; you want it to end just below your trouble zone. Straps set further apart or a suit with prominent, horizontal design on top will help to balance your shoulders with your hips.

Small Chested HAWTies
Tops with padding and under wires can create fullness in the bust, as do halter tops. Bandeau tops are a fun choice, as only small-chested women can wear them well. Details like ruching, add interest to the area.

Pear-Shaped HAWTies
Pick a suit with some lift and curve to your shape. Your best bet on top is  a push-up bra to give your breasts maximum support. Since most pear shapes have a slightly larger bottom than top, buy your bikini bottom one size larger than you would your top. The beauty of separates is that you can mix and match, changing up your options

Rectangle-Shape HAWTies
If you find you have larger breasts than the average beach bunny, buy a supportive top with full coverage. A built-in bra for support is a must. Make sure you have appropriate coverage to eliminate the risk of an overflowing top. As with small-chested women, be absolutely sure your top fits properly because you don't want any fabric bagging or sagging

Boy-Shaped HAWTies
The beauty of this shape is that you can pull off a one-piece suit as well as a two-piece suit. One-pieces will make your body look even leaner while a two-piece will bring out your curves. While wrap-style one-piece swimsuits give the illusion of curves, avoid solid-colored, one-piece suits. To add the illusion of curves, use interesting patterns and detailing at the waist and top. Diagonal lines, crisscrossing under the bust, ruffles, ruching, and halter tops all add interest while drawing the eye upward

Hourglass-Shape HAWTiesIf you have an hourglass shape, your waist is typically much smaller than your bust or hips. Pick a suit that will accentuate your waist and flatter your other assets. If you are a taller hourglass, a high-cut bottom or boy shorts will bring definition to your legs. As for the top, choose one with an under wire or a bandeau.

Wide Shoulders HAWTies
Balance is the key word here. Avoid the “V” silhouette by staying away from those plunging neck lines or teeny, tiny bikini bottoms.You will want to play up the bottom of your torso and minimize the top. Wear bikini bottoms that have lots of color and print and also sport accents at the hips such as ties, belts, folds and sashes. The new, moderate cut bottom was made for you. Also, wide shoulder straps and square necklines can make you look fabulous.

No Waist HAWTies
No problem. It’s not that you don’t have a waistline, it’s that you hips are slim.
If you don’t have many curves, create some by wearing one-piece suit with a high-on-the-thigh cut. A belted waistline on a one-piece suit will give the appearance of a whittled middle. So will a draped, surplice detail that pinches in at the waist, or a curvy seam line that runs down each side of the torso. Bikinis are good for you. Add some illusion at the hips with rings, ruffles, folds, ruching and bows. Rings on a bikini bottom will flatter a figure with no waist. If you’re small on top, go for a strapless bandeau top. Pick out for a dark, solid bottom and a wildly printed or embellished top. Avoid solid-colored or horizontal striped one-pieces.

Short Legs or Torso HAWTies
Play up your figure by finding a bathing suit that is cut high on the thigh. This will make your leg look much longer. If you have curvy hips, then all the better. This cut will accentuate your smaller waist and give you a flirty look. You’ve probably already heard that vertical stripes can visually lengthen the body. Well, here’s another trick. Wear a solid bottom bikini with a printed, or embellished top. This will draw the eye upward and give you a longer look. A solid, one-piece bathing suit with a plunging neckline creates a continual, long appearance and is absolutely, drop dead sexy to boot! Avoid boy shorts and skirted bikinis as they draw the eye downward and can make you look shorter.

Long Body Shape HAWTies
Clothes drape beautifully on you and your legs go on and on. But, you do need to make sure that you do not look like a bean pole at the beach in your swimsuit. You can go wild with the embellishments at the hips and bust line. Ruching, rings, jewels, ties and bows are all good things for you. Try horizontal, or diagonal stripes and nappy fabrics, such as stretch terry and velvet. Boy shorts are just the thing for your slim hips. Oh, and those cute, ruffled bikini skirts and cover-ups? They’re made just for you! If you want a one-piece swimsuit, try one of the latest, cut-out suits. It will break up your long torso, just like a bikini does. Avoid up and down stripes, high necklines and dark, solid colors

Pregnant HAWTies
Do you know how beautiful  & HAWT you are right now? Some moms-to-be choose to go with a regular bikini because they don’t have to worry about the middle part getting in the way. However, as the day draws closer, you will probably want a one-piece. Pick one that you can let out and adjust as your tummy and hips expand. You will probably want some support in the bust as well.

Hope this helped out HAWTies, this is the kick of our all swim suit week, we will still give you the current HAWT fashion but a little more focus on Bathing Suits.

HAWT SWIM SUIT Inspiration...............

To kick off our swin suit week we want to bring the you HAWTies sum inspiration, we will be bring you random pics & different styles of suits all week. SO be on the look out for it, for now check it out HAWTies

Camila Morais: SHE BeachWear '11 Glamour Collection

Camila Morais: SHE BeachWear '11 Glamour Collection

Camila Morais: SHE BeachWear '11 Glamour Collection

Camila Morais: SHE BeachWear '11 Glamour Collection

Camila Morais: SHE BeachWear '11 Glamour Collection

HE BeachWear 2011 Collection

Model: Camila Morais

IMAGE SOURCE: ru-glamour.livejournal.com

Thursday, May 26, 2011

HAWT IMAGES - Gaye McDonald covers Fashion Gone Rouge

Often times we are inspired by a very great visual, & we wanted to give some good visual inspiration to you HAWTies today in the form of model Gaye McDonald for fashiongonerogue. Check out the spread HAWTies...............

scuba Gaye McDonald by Marco Trunz for <em>Fashion Gone Rogue</em>

What you think HAWT girls, she is rocking this last look, its my FAV. Check out the full story over at fashiongonerogue 

Hawt Spread!!!!! Amber Rose covers The Vibe

Amber Rose is the alternate option for Vibe Mag  June/July Sexy Issue cover. Which we are really excited about!!! Thank god for alternates!!!! LOL. I don't think any of us could handle Mr. Ricky Rozay without his shirt. Vibe that was not sexy...just a FYI! Can't wait to get my hands on Amber thou....here's a sneak peak!!!

Image source: necolebitchie.com

Beyonce rips of IDOL

I have no words for Beyonce's performance last nite on Idol, she SANG 1+1 & it hasn't even been 24 hours yet & the song is steadily rising on the itunes list as well as Bey stans making videos to the song already. I think I my have to make up a new word for this HAWTie because she is beyond DIVA status as far as I'm concerned. Check her out HAWTies

“I don’t know when I’m gon’ die, but I know I’m gon’ die by you. I don’t know much about fighting…. but I will fight for You”



But the girls of IDOL did a some what of a tribute to Bey, I hated it! I cant even tell you how upset I was at them F' ing up my girls song, I didn't say those girls couldn't sing but they shouldn't be singing a bey song when she is in the building, but when she came out, it was curtains for everyone on that stage, the girls couldn't even do the dang OH OH OH dance. SMH, but check out the pics anyway

Peep the chick on the left, she wore she Beyonce front lace in Bey's honor lol


I love it when she uses the diva fan!!! She works it every time.

Giving Face lol LOVES IT


She is such a beautiful spirit, remember when the first Round of ladies got kicked out of DC everyone wanted to hate on Bey so bad over it, BUT LOOK AT HER NOW!!!! I wonder how many haters do she got, cuz I know they hate'n on her truly now

Image Source: necolebitchie.com

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

GAP 2011 Summer Collection with Anais Mali

Remember back when the GAP was one of the first spots that you would hit up for your next outfit, but since my high school days I know that I really haven't brothered stepping foot inside of a GAP, well I cant speak for all when I say that will change for me. Seeing the new collection on model Anais Mali I can see myself in a few pieces rocking it out GAP style. Dont believe check it out for yourselves HAWties.........

Anais is wearing cropped kicked flair jeans , sheer pocket shirt blouse,  and wrap strap sandals.

Image Source: beautyisdiverse.com & gap.com

Gaga goes GAGA on Letterman...........

The Monstrous diva herself, Lady G hit up the Letterman show last nite & please believe that it was a moment that you had to experience for yourself.

lady gaga dave letterman
Lady G arriving at the show

lady gaga outside of dave letterman

lady gaga at best buy

lady gaga paper
Gaga ate Letterman's notes that had a bunch of rumor questions that he wanted to ask her, she did answer so of them but I think she got fed up with the BS & ate the ish..................CLASSIC!!!!!!!!

Could you imagine being asked a bunch of outlandish questions about your life that you knew weren't true at all, I know I would be fed up shoot I'm not even famous (YET) & I hate being asked dumb ass questions about me or not. What do you HAWTies think & who saw the show??

Images Source: necolebitchie.com

Carol's Daughter Event at Sephora in NYC

The new faces of Carol's daughter were quite busy  last nite at an event held last nite at Sephora in NYC. The event was to showcase the launch of the new hair product Monoi. The line of products include a shampoo, conditioner, and mask that strengthens and repairs hair, reducing breakage by an estimated 95% 

Carol’s Daughter & Founder Lisa Price with the Queen of R&B was there as well, MJ Blige & the spokesmodel, Solange Knowles, Cassie, and Selita Ebanks

Spokesmodels Solange Knowles, Cassie, and Selita Ebanks

Solange Knowles looked HAWT in this yellow outfit, pretty springy!!

Selita Ebanks showed off her new red hair, which I'm not a fan of, this ain't it

Cassie looking sizzling HAWT like normal, that dress is super cute...........

But then when you see the back it's SUPER BAD!!!

MJB still killn' em

Lisa Price with MJB

The event looked very fun from all the photos & the tweets from all the folks there keep me up to date like I was at the event. The new models looked FAB with the exception of Selita's hair, but I forgive her, trying something new doesn't always work in our favor is the lesson learned. What you HAWTies think???

IMAGE SOUCRE: necolebitchie.com

Monday, May 23, 2011

2011 Billboard Awards show

We all know that Bey Kilt it (yep I typed it) last night at the Billboard Awards, but did any of you caught her in this lovely Lanvin number she wore in the press room of the Billboard awards. She is looking pretty darn good I must say!

The  soft black stretchy dress with the bling studded bow & HAWT stilettos she is killn' it. 

Image source: beautyisdiverse.com

2011 Billboard Award - The SHOW edition

The show was better than most of the awards show Ive seen in the past year maybe cuz Rhi Rhi,  Nicki M, MJB & Bey hit the stage. All those Divas on the stage you know it was going to be HAWT. Check out a few still frames from the show.

Bey looked more than HAWT no words for her & that body & outfit...only FLAWLESS comes to mind, she rocked her new song "Run the World (girls)'

Bey accepted  the Millennium Award, presented to her by her mother, Tina Knowles.

Destiny's Child looking absolutely outstanding!! All three ladies have their own looks & they are owning them to the fullest. Bring back DC please!!!!!!!! We need more HAWT songs & fashion for y'all your truly missed.

Rhi Rhi performed S&M in an all white leather bondage outfit, this photo says a lot specially with this song being sung.

Rumored Guest Brittany Spears hit the stage with Rhi Rhi on S&M. She looked great, better than Ive seen her in a minute.

Justin Beiber's speech for Top Digital Media Artist at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.

Justin & Selena, JUSLENA, they are a very cute couple but their look collectively isn't really cutting it for me, her cut out dress with no hips & tat solid gold glittery blazer. NO BUENO.

Cee-Lo Green rocked the HOUSE with his off the wall performance with a  suspended, twisting piano. How HAWT was that.

Neyo performed with Pitbull, it was cool very regular if you ask me. BASIC

B.E.P are never BASIC with their ishhhh, Fergie rocked that glow in the dark jumpsuit.

Will. I. am hella particular with my ish is rocking his norm, I need attention head gear & I'm super cool with the spaced out look jacket. I used to love his look but its the same look to me.........every time.  

These two were great!! Host Ken Jeong and Nicki Minaj appear to be quite the classy duo as they perform their hilarious antics onstage

Mister Carter & Rhi Rhi, this is a cute pic they look like brother & sister on this one. Mister Carter is looking very HAWT!!!

Another HAWT pic of Kells & Trey. If they were a couple goodness!!! Total HAWTness.

S N double O P, D O double Gizzie. The West Coast G performed with the Far East Movement.

Two members of Far East Movement look "fly like G6s" during their performance.

Pitbull, who I'm convinced that he is Gay Tony from Vice city or whatever game that is, gave a okay performance.

Miss Nicki M performed Super Base with her Barbs.

Brittany joined in for that perform as well, pretty dope.

Taylor with  posed 3 of her awards.

 Ken Jeong does his best Flavor Flav impression onstage, while Nas can only chuckle. Ken, please stick to your day job!

Ke$ha was not playing when she said that she got over $6000 worth of glitter & was going to make sure everyone had sum sparkles to take home, she did her thang. That's what I'm talkn bout..........

Ke$ha performing "The freaks all come around"

Rhi Rhi accepting the Top Female Artist award.

Bey giving a show stopping performance...... We all know she's bad she's cute she's sexy to! (Singing in my Chris Brown voice)

There's no words!!!!!

My girl tore it down I'm I'm I'm I'm loving this song & her voice is enough to make me cry.  Destroying street corners and knock over light poles all the HAWT divas out better watch it she may do the same to you with this new album.

Mary J & Wizzy performing one of the HAWTest songs of the year

Lil Wayne & Nicki M embraced each other at the show backstage. But we had to leave this post with this as the last picture............ This is a fraction of why she is a girl crush of mines. Who cant not look is the question??????

The top 3 Performances would have to go to:
#3 - Rhi Rhi & Brittany / Nicki M & Brittany it was a tie
#2 - MJB with Wizzy
1# - Don't act like you didn't see it coming......... BEYONCE!!!!!!
Hope y'all enjoyed the show as well, let me know who was your FAV!

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