Monday, August 29, 2011

Lil Wayne's Cater IV Album release party.......the Fashion Files

Last nite at midnight, Mr. Carter released his latest album, CARTER IV. So far Ive heard nothing but great reviews, but I haven't heard for myself but I love Wayne so my judgement my be blinded by that love, like many other fans. But no album is complete without an album release party, and this one was filled with New & Old MONEY!!!! Check it out HAWTies.......

Let's start with the YOUNG MONEY roster....

 "Dying to out weird Nicki"  Shanell rocked out  a sheer pants suit and spiked pumps, I'm just happy to see that she got the proper underwear game tight. No thongs THANK GOD. 

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj looked like her un-normal self in this get up. I'm loving her bracelets& hair this time around. Still would love to See her without some tights or leggings or stockings on just one time.

She isn't with Young Money but she is on Tour with Wayne currently, Keri Hilson looked HAWT from the ankles up, that dress is very basic but cute. I just don't like it with the black Giuseppe Zanotti ankle wrap wedges, the shoes are cute. 

 Ciara brought it back in these, makes me wanna sing LOOK AT DEM GIRLS WITH THE DAISY DUKES ON!! LOL I honestly like this look, the black pocket on the back was a hidden pop, that really worked & then with the Versace black pumps to pull the look together pure HAWTness. 

 C. Millian is always showing her sexy, in a good way. Her style screams tamed sex kitten, what I mean by tamed is, she never goes over board with the sexy. This leopard number with Red accessories looks great on her skin tone. The Dream should check himself into rehab for messing this chick over. Not only beauty but she has brains to match. 

Elise Neal

Elise  Neal looked great in this little number. The fit wasn't what I wanted it to be LOL, like I wore the damn thang but the color is on point & the nude pumps are working for me. 

Now I'm not going to show any of the male looks cuz......... I didn't like em LOL Nuff said LOL. Naw but tell me what your thoughts are HAWTies, type to me!!!!!!!

VMA's Best Dressed 2011 Red Carpet

Hey HAWTies, Last nite was the VMA's & even though I had to work OT this morning, I still stayed my tail up to watch the whole show. LOL. Yes I know & I know I'm not the only one guilty of this either HAWTies, LOL, so don't judge me. Any who, you know the fashion & style at the awards was good, bad & ugly  LOL but let's start with the GOOD first shall we HAWTies................

Beyonce arrives at the 2011 MTV Video Music

CONGRATS to Bey & Jay on the baby, were all praying for a healthy baby that looks mostly like its mom, but this dress is super cute on the mom to be. She has been hiding that tummy of hers quite well, but this dress was the perfect outfit to show off the love growing inside of her. I hope to see more HAWT maternity gear from Bey, school these basic preggers why don't you......

I loved how she threw down the MIC to rub on her belly, did you hear that sound as she did. Them record sales going up on you BASICs lol, but it was cute how she was singing to her Man & he looked very excited

Brittany Spears looks great, I honestly haven't seen her look this good in a minute, SERIOUSLY! I get tired of seeing her half ass naked. But last night that all black everything was working for her. I want those shoes!! O & that dance tribute was just as cute as the outfit. Those little girls was WERK'n it, but damn did her speech have to introduce BEY, THAT ISH WAS KINDA FOUL!!! Just say'n

Not sure on why Zoe was there other than the fact that she has the Kick ass movie coming out, but none the less she looked very beautiful & I'm a sucka for black n white, those shoes are screaming out to me.

Kells looked almost a little Ice Skater-ish LOL but its kinda HAWT, I really love the silhouette of the dress & the gold embellishing very HAWT for the singer that hit platinum status on Motivation.

OK HAWTies IDK who this chick is LOL her name is Victoria Justice, I mean I could Google her but guess what...................don't feel like it LOL. Kill Me, lol any who this dress is really cute to me. I may have opt'd for open toes but hey I'm a little different

Katie Holmes was released from the dungeon that is known as Tom Cruise for this show LOL, naw but I like the booties with the baby dollish dress. Its werk'n.  

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose photographed on the red carpet at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Amber may always be dubbed as the whore of the industry, but I actually like her & her style & her MAN lol, but her all white jumper is very low key, but its her man's time to shine. But you still cant help but to stare at her beautiful self.

NOW TIME FOR THE BAD.............

Loves me some Katy Perry, & she would be the first white girl I kiss but this spin on a Chinese style type dress isn't doing it for me at all. I normally love her outfits/costumes but this is just to much. From the colors to the the little shingle things hanging in the front & BACK of the dress, its just Micheal Jackson......BAD

Miley looks very grown, a little to grown. The print on this dress is giving an old fashion appeal. I like the cut & silhouette but its making me think of a glammed up golden girl for some strange reason. Not a good choice

Lil Mama photographed on the red carpet at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Little mama ain't never really been the trend setter like she thinks she is in the fashion dept. but I'm sure you HAWTies are asking me thru the screen, WHY THE THE HELL AINT SHE ON THE UGLY LIST? LOL & for that HAWTies I have 2 words.......................... the shoes! The shoes are pure HAWTness but with that dead ass bowl bob on her head & that grandma dress, now if she would have that dress hemmed a little higher & pushed those boobs closer together she may have gotten a little further. She better be happy that Joan Rivers doesn't know who the hell she is LOL or else she would have PROBLEMS PROBLEMS ( in my best Martin voice)

This last pick I was on the fence with

Only cuz she is my crush, she made it on the BAD list but this was just way to damn muvh Nikki. I had so much to look at on this outfit I got a freaking headache & thought I was in a damn Dr. Suess book crossed with a Nightmare before Christmas movie. Shoot I wanted to take a damn E pill after seeing this just to come down from the ISH. We all get your a character & a little cartoonish, but we all also know your ass is bout 30, no way your younger than Bey, love the fuck outta you bitch but c'mon (dead face)



Jessie J, sorry to hear that you broke your leg, but you could have thought of something way better than this get up. HATED IT!!!! was she going for the Jerrys kids on sparkle crack look. SMH at myself for these thoughts & her for actually wearing this outfit.

Deena Deena Deena, WTF. Seriously no one from the cast tired to stop this look, (dead face)! OKAy I cant recall ever seeing a rainbow red (black) carpet, loves the rainbow but normally you would smile or have skittles at the end of the rainbow but nope all we got was a little stack of stank shit that's so small theres no way her legs should be open as she poses, but I love her on the show.


Adele is one of the most talented singers out, PERIOD, she goes HAM!!!!! If you haven't heard her album then your sleeping, but on the real I'm not feeling this grandma as dress with the great grandma shoes.  Okay the shoes aren't that bad but with this dress, I wanna take her to a Home an OLD one. Instead of looking classic like she was going for, she looks like that classic token old lady from any giving family TV show. I'm not buying this....

Selena Gomez LOL, I don't think I liked her last red carpet look. She looks as if she is bout to bust out with her own vampire movie called, I bite a Bebier. LOL with the gold shoes. WTF was she thinking, this is freaking ugly LOL just for reals.

Kreayshawn photographed on the red carpet at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Lastly, Kreayshawn, I was pushing for you to win that Moon man. She is from the Bay, Oakland to be exact, same as myself. But I cannot codone this WACK ish right here. This is your first time at the VMA's honey, & it maya be your last!! #justsaying that video of that wach freestyle isnt doin you any good & neither is this terrible Remy Ma weave & Mini Mouse....ummm dress thingie. Im going to just cut this short right now cuz I really dont like talking bout folks from my area, not for fear but outta respect. I know what your thinking HAWTies, does she know how much she looks like a basic Bitch from Oakland??? O, no ya'll wasnt LOL damn did I type that out loud?

Well of course you HAWTies know I want yall to type to me to tell me what you thought of last nights fashion.

Friday, August 26, 2011

HAWT looks of the week...............

Hey HAWTies, HAPPY FRIDAY, we've made it through another week & I know ya'll ready to live it up for the weekend. I know I am, I have a date......................with my EX! LOL (dont judge me!lol) So Iam looking forward to it believe it or not, but Im sure you all have plans as well. So let's throught this work day together so we can live it up for tonight.

This week a lot of ish has been going on in the gossip world, from the Kim K wedding to Will & Jada false divorce scare. But honetly I can care less I just check out the stories to see what folks have on LOL so I have a few styles that came up this week that really HAWT!

 Rhi Rhi has been spotted enjoying her vaca all week & she has been sporting a few HAWT looks like this lovely all white YSL number, very classice in the front party inthe back type of jumpsuit!!

Next up is Mrs. Anthony

she spotted walking through the Grove in Los Angeles in a leopard print top and a curve hugging black pencil skirt.Im sure her hubby has no issues with this outfit!!!! Lala is doing it BIG with her new show & marriage. GREAT LOOK.

UP NEXT......

  Nicole Richie & Rashida Jones, Jones in a military blazer with black piping and matching shorts and Richie in a velvet dress with buttons up the side.

I loved all 3 of these looks, what do you HAWTies think......

Thursday, August 25, 2011

RIP Aaliyah Dana Haughton

Hey HAWTies, today marks a full decade since Aaliyah Dana Haughton died at 22 after a horrific Bahamian plane crash. I can remember that day like it was yesterday............. I was sitting on my couch pregnant watching my 2 year old son (don't judge me) , Not sure if i was watching the news or 106 & park but when I heard the tragic news about her death, I started to cry instantly. Its crazy how you don't have to know the person to feel grief, she touched people that deeply with her music. My son looked at me then back at the TV then ran to me & started crying as well, that instantly made me smile but the pain of her leaving this world that way still hurt me, not only for her, but for her family her moms. How can you deal! My heart still goes out to her family. 

I would like to honor Miss AAliyah today with a Fashion/Talent Ode, she was more than just a singer, she was a great dancer, song writer & actress, she started that tomboy swag!!!! Remember her rock'n Tommy Hilfiger, please don't act like you wasn't rock'n that ish back n the day too LOL LOL. Then she switched up the game as she got older & brought on the sexiness out on us.She was most def a game changer, who could rock that side swoop like her. I used to go crazy in high school trying to get my hair to lie like that MAN she will be truly missed by more than many.



RIP Aaliyah, you will always be loved!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fashion ODE..............................

Happy HUMP day HAWTies, Ive been a little busy with school starting back for my boys & then feeling a little under the weather as well as planning a baby shower for my BFF so I'm being a little lazy with this post LOL & do a fashion ODE. This is where I pick a person or style that stood out in fashion land. I started this segment off with Salt n Pepa, but today I'm going to go with.................................


Diana Ross, she has been kill'n em since the 60's til today!!!! She deserves to be on the Fashion ICON Ode don't you think HAWTies. This phenomenal woman has blazed us with many of hits & even more hairstyles & fashion, she has done music, films & Broadway on top of being mother this lady is the ISH ( in my Dream voice) Check her out HAWTies.


Diana Ross - diana-ross-michael-jackson photo

So to check out more photos on my FASION OdE..... please follow me on Twitter @massivehawtness or on tumblr @ Til next time HAWTies......................

Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Weddings are so Awwwwwwwwww....

Last Friday my OH/BBF (original HAWTie, Best Bitch Forever) Nat got married to her long time boo!! Not only is she married now but she is having my God Baby, I call her ZZ top!!
But my BBF, got married & I wasn't able to make the wedding or reception, don't judge me HAWTies she knows what's up, So since I wasn't there make the first toast, I figured I would do the first post!!!! Cute huh, yea I know! So HAWTies please hold up your diva glasses in honor of the first post to my BBF & her hubbie......

I wanna start off with Nat, I'm so proud of you! I've seen you go thru a lot since we've been besties & it's great to see you at your best & very happy I love u girl, now to the both of you I'm more than proud of you both in making this decision to join as one, it's been a long time coming, but anything worth having is worth working hard for & worth waiting for! I wanna wish you all the best & many many many moons&years together lol I know y'all will work hard to keep it right. This is only the beginning for you guys. Can't wait til ZZ top is here to make y'all family complete. Again I love u both& I'm so proud & happy for y'all! I type this with tears n my eyes!! Lol

(HAWTies drink up!!!!!)


Friday, August 19, 2011

HAWT looks of the WEEK

HAppy Friday HAWTies, this week has been a little short for me with that jury duty mess but that doesnt I have stopped with the fashion. LOL Yall know that aint going to stop so I wanted to pull up the looks of the week in my eyes so here they are...........

Patra looked HAWT in this  Butch Diva Jumpsuit, (if you ain't up on Butch diva you need to school ya self) at an ESSENCE function.

X-Factor judge Kelly Rowland looked HAWT while doing press for X Factor!


 Solange with her MINI man, both looked HAWT while attending  the International Concepts at Macy’s in New York. I loves Solange's style, her coloring blocking is on point

and lastly............................

 Lala Anthony & Letoya Luckett at the premiere party of ‘Lala’s Full Court Life', Lala is killing em in this star dress & the letoya is werk'n that cute color blocking dress. Now yes we all see Miss new Botty Serena Williams in the pic but I cant give her any kudos for this look, HAWT ass MESS is what it is, who ever her stylish is I think we should do an ole skool move & burn her at the stake, cuz she is rarely on point RARELY

The Best Look of the week goes to............................

Lala Anthony in this Dolce & Gabbana Star printed dress. Dolce & Gabbana presented a much shorter version during their Fall 2011 collection show. 

 None the less, Lala rocked it out. Whose looks did you HAWTies like this week or wanna know where they got what they wore TYPE to me HAWTies......

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Whats up with PEOPLE'S Sexiest Man Alive list??

Hey HAWTies, !!! I survived 2 days of jury duty & I'm so excited about it, my last go with jury duty didn't go so well, but this time I was spared!!!! LOL but I have something to share with you all.........

Well my first day of Jury duty I had nothing to do while we waited,, which I was pissed at myself for because I forgot my book & my phone charger so I picked up a few magazines I plopped in a corner & updated myself on last years info, since all the mags were from last year LOL. I picked up the People & was intrigued my the cover, SMA- sexiest man alive list for 2010. I already know that everyone idea of sexy is different so I'm not expecting to see any of my fellas on the list but I still wanted to know who made it. Man I was shocked merely by who made it to see that there were very few men of color. They only had Will Smith & Drake on the list...............That was it! I'm thinking to myself really!! FOR REALS! that's it. Then they broke it down my age & this is how that went.....

20's- Bruno Mars & Matt Kemp, Now Bruno is a sexy little thang so I don't mind him on the list & Matt is cute as well but I feel the only reason he made it was cause of Rhianna, HAWTies please tell me y'all ain't thinking the same cuz I cant think of anything great he did last year........ EXACTLY

30's- Boris Kodjoe, he was the only one in this age group & I'm not going to disagree with this one at all cuz he's been sexy time...very nice (Borat voice)

40's- Rick Fox, Seal & Blair Underwood, OK this is just craziness, I don't give 2 flying fucks if Seal is married to Heidi, that fool is UGLY period, maybe a nice soul but that ain't really sexy (it is, but that still ain't going to raise his status) Rick & Blair they can both get a pass, Blair is very over rated for me personally.

50's- Mario Van Peebles, now this pissed me off, where in the HELL is Denzel...... Mario is alright, not really my cup of tea but I can see on why they put him there.

So from there I went on to read that Denzel was the only man of color to ever get the top #1 spot & that was back in 1993 or so ( I couldn't find my notes, I didn't wanna take a mag from the courthouse,that's technically stealing...RIGHT!) and that's a bunch of BS, I mean Damn is sexy only WHITE men!! This list has been around for at least 2 decades now & only 1. SMH @ PEOPLE!

I wonder who is in charge of this list & how they determined of what they think is sexy. Do they a a wide variety of races & do men vote on the sexist men? Really  I would like to know, is there a lady on the panel with a ton of cats & watches romantic comedies every nite or maybe even a professional gold digger that only finds money sexy.  I could go on HAWTies you know that but it really bothers me that men of color don't get recognized for their beauty & swagger, So I decided to put my own DAMN list together just for the fun of it. 

So First off on the top of my list is my husband well my future that is ..... 

Andre 3000, this man is super talented & just look at that smile, that will make all my worries better!! That is just a lot of HAWTness right there.

Up next should have any debates going on other than the level of HAWTness he got going.......

Nate Parker is a super sexy actor & husband!! So hands off HAWTies but we can still look 
This next guy can steal me anytime he wants..................

 Trey Songz has came a long way from the little teen with french braids, he has transformed into a bottle of pure HAWTness, i have no words really I just wanna be sung to. 

Up next is a hip hop icon.........

M E T HOD MAN! yes when I first heard that joint with him& Mary J. that stared my love affair with this ruff neck fella, thugs need love too. 
I will sit in detention with this next cat anytime...............

Yes C Breezy, yes he has had his downfalls but he is a young man that has to experience life & learn so I'm not knocking him (until the ish happens again, I'm sure it wont) I normally don't go for the light skinned but this one can get a pass, PLUS I'm digging the rapper side of him.
I wish I stayed in the same neighborhood as this next HAWTie...............

IDK why Eva let this man go, geez am I the only one that wanted him to pull those tighty whiteys down just a little more LOL yea you see it no need to talk about it we all can see it!!!

Dark Chocolate coming up next.............

 Don Cheadle, When I first seen him play Mouse in "Devil in a blue dress" I was like this fool is crazy but sho nuff HAWT, not only he is very handsome but his acting is what makes him sexy. If you ain't seen that movie then i suggest you do

Go old faithful......................

 Denzel, you cannot have a sexy list without this man right here from the look to the acting all around HAWTness.

This next one can use Wire to tie me up.............

Idris Elba, Jesus took the wheel & blessed the ladies eyes with this beautiful creature..... got hit the Linda Evans on this man DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!!

OKAY I'm with get fly with this next one every time..............

 Wiz Khalifa, the new age stoner hippie & i think its HAWT as hell, I'm not one who loves tatts but I likes his style swag Or whatever you wanna call it it freaking HAWT.

OKAY there are plenty more that I can put on this list but I wanna do an official list later on this year & i would like your help on who should be on this list & what qualifies them as being SEXY!! So type to me HAWTies & tell me what you think

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