Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta - Open Discussion......

Hey HAWTies Hey,

Last night was the premiere of the new installment of Love & Hip Hop..... ATL. I must say I wasn't expecting all that drama in the first episode. But it almost felt as if I was watching a soap opera rather than "reality tv"...... Sure I'm not the only one. Don't get me wrong something's I felt were real like K. Michelle's story! That was some crazy madness she went through but we've all been thru something but I have a few topics to discuss from this one episode so let's get it........


Now I'm a few someone's momma but I cannot see myself ALL up in my grown kids biz like Momma
D. Was I the only one who thought she was outta line for coming at Erica the way she did, now I can see a mother n law talking with her daughter in law about relationship ISH but not how she did it. Lol her comment about being the queen & paasing it down when she feels suit. She so wrapped up in her son that she doesn't even talk to him about to wrong ISH he is doing! Erica took your son back after a very public relationship with a women he dumped her for & she isnt showing enough affection lol PLEASSssssE Lady! Your son needs to be worshiping her right now showering her with love & affection if he wants her, I mean that something I would point out to my son..... But we all PIMP Parent differently! Oh & the comment about her pimiping Diamond was outta line I'm sure we'll hear something in a diss track soon!!!

Cheating with involved men!!!

Mimi, Stevie J & Joseline have a helluva love/hate triangle going on! But unfortunately Mimi was the only person outta the know! Now a lot of things thru me off about this whole mess! Didn't he mess with Eve at some point in time, was that more than 15 years ago?!? Mimi is super beautiful & seems to have her head on straight but she continues to stay, like a lot of women chose to do! Which ain't nothing wrong with, cuz I'm not going through the relationship with you & your other half. But that still doesn't stop the why in my head?? Why are you still there? And then on the opposite side of the stick. Joseline knows that Stevie is involved with Mimi, why is she cheating with him & denying it! Why do some women chose to cheat with an involved man?!?

Last but not least


I was starting to doubt that there would NEVER be any positive brown women on reality shows! But then WE tv hits us with Mary Mary!!! Don't know about y'all but I love that show!!! I love the fact that you see them interact & struggle with true families like most of us do on a daily! It's an interesting dynamic between the sisters & it's make for great tv because we can see them! Not just the gospel side but them. These other shows we loath to watch sometimes feels a like instigated or ......... Scripted! Last night did y'all think it was a lil strange with the whole club incident. It was a lot going on but it seem forced.

I'm sooooo dying to hear from you HAWTies to know what you all think about the matters above!!!!

Thanks for reading & don't forget....

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Want THAT: Instagram Edition

Hey HAWTies Hey,

Well we all know about Instagram by now! Some folks hate it, stating its just another place for folks who THINK there attractive to show off.............REALLY DUDE!?!?! That was a true statement given by a friend but I figured since he ain't that fly he would say something like that lol ......(dead face) Anyway what I love about Instagram besides seeing HAWT #OOTD (outfits of the day) is the creative people! This world is filled with tons of beautiful ideas & not so logical thoughts bursting to come out! So I wanted to share with you HAWTies some of my FAVs from Instagram & if you have one then don't forget to follow me & my FAVs.......................................




BunnyzCreationz - User name

This BAJAN bred artist is a true Massive HAWTie, follow her to get some of the dopest IPhone cases, earrings & other custom accessories. You wont go wrong with her IPhone cases.......MERK'n 'EM!!

Up next is on the list is................




 Nu_Sense - User Name

This Napural HAWTie is bound to have you stepping out side the of with her Fashion Forward accessories. I am soooo in love with African American Earrings I could just scream, HAWTies please trust ordering a pair from this Diva is the BEST BUY

And lastly............................




 Melodyeshani - User Name

Massive HAWTness!!!! Melodyeshani is the truth!!! I honestly love almost everything she post so HAWTies don't hesitate to follow her & BUY BUY BUY!!! You wont regret the finds on her page

So HAWTies don't forget to check out these fellow Instagramers & please follow all of us & if you would like a follow leave a comment with you user name & you got that FOLLOW!!! 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Want THAT: Evelyn Lozada reunion look for cheap.....

Hey HAWTies Hey,
If your a BBW fan, like myself...for those of you that aren't don't DON'T JUDGE US! Then I know you tuned in last night for the second half of the reunion show! I must say that I enjoyed a less drama filled reunion show, minus Tammy & Kesha!! Which I'm SO OVER! But it was nice to see Royce act in her debut play & to see That Ev & Jen made up....... After a lie detector test lol WOMEN! Lol JK with a tad bit of seriousness!!!
Ok through all of that I still Gawked at Ev's skirt!!! That Women is just sexy & that skirt made her even sexier. And now she has all, well majority of us ready to MERK this skirt this summer...., at a great price that it is! Now granted Ev's skirt was customed made by designer J. Sky ..... We've found a similar look for under $100 , minus the shoes SORRY HAWTies.......





So I know y'all want this look like me so check out this outfit for less....

Danshuz Adult Long Sleeve Crop Top
And pair it with one of these skirts! HAWTies both skirts are available at the same spot


Ecote Double Slit Skirt $69.00 @ urbanoutfitters


What do you HAWTies think,& for $69 who isn't going to buy one???? You know I would love to hear from you HAWTies!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Basketball Wives Reunion...WHO KILT IT?

Hey HAWTies Hey,

Well last night was part one of the BBW (Basketball Wives) reunion show. I do not know about you HAWTies but I was glued to my set, yes I am a sucka for drama when it isn't in my life or directly affecting me. LOL. I'm sure you all are the same, or maybe not! For those of you that feel BBW gives a negative perception of women of color or women period, Shaunie O'neal ( producer of the show) offered up an apology & a promise of showing more positive aspects of the wives lives. Which is nice, I would love to see the ladies engage in volunteering there time  or seeing them with the kids & how they interact. But do you all think the editors will be having that???? I don't think so, craziness makes for GREAT TV. It would be nice to see a balance but I doubt if we would see if, with Ev throwing wine bottles, Tammy punk folks & Jen letting folks bitch slap her I doubt if they cut those screens of Shaunie & the ladies talking to battered women. #JUSTSAYING

Well this is a Fashion/Style blog so you know what this is!! Who WERK'D it last night!!!!!! The ladies had they style game turned all the way up!  Lets check out a few looks


Evelyn in a custom outfit designed for her by Jason Sky, her makeup I'm more than sure is her own Line & her cute flirty bangs topped her looked off, I loved it!!!!!


Lets not forget the shoe Game........ None other than Louboutins, super HAWT!


Ev looking BAD sitting down, HAWTies we all know how hard it is to pull this pose off!! Say what you want to about Evileen right her but she is a STYLE GOON!!!


Jennifer Williams in a Valentino jumpsuit and Chanel necklace. The Jumpsuit itself was very cute, but I didnt care for the fit of it on her! It was cool til we got to the waist & below area, NO BUENO.


Now first glance at the shoes, I wasn't a fan....until I saw this pic. These are bad as hell but maybe with a  better outfit.Overall I loved the shoes more than the outfit. BOOM!


One of the rookie's Kenya Bell didn't look old & worn out last night. Who was shocked when she didn't come out with matching Jen's Jumpsuit???? Y'all know I wasn't the only person thinking that last night!! She kept it simple in a Herge Leger jacket and Michael Kors dress.


Close up of the Jacket reminds of ........................... C'mon HAWTies.......Janet Jackson, that vest she had on in one video's cant recall which one right now, but Im busting all the dances moves in my Head. Not trying to pull a Kenya & capture on film....I'M COOL & to OLD LOL LOL. ok let me stop....


Kenya's look overall did nothing for me, it was just Ahhhhhh!


Second Rookie up is Kesha, I don't wanna say much about her. You know she stay SPOOKED, which is how I feel about this dress. DONE


Cute Bebe shoes she rocked. Did any of you HAWTies like her look?


Royce is up next, we didn't see much from her this season. Other than that God UGLY cry, boo you need to practice a bit more before crying on stage MMM kay! I like Royce but swear I always think she is rocking her HOODRAT tendencies LOL example you ask....this pose w/ that smirk on her face!


Royce's no heels heels!! I'd try to rock em, haven't tried to walk in these yet. Not sure on if I will, HAWTies did any of you care of this look?


Suzie Ketcham in Herve Leger, she looks cute & plain. PERFECT for Suzie! Nuff said. HAWTies...????


Tami the Undefeated champ of BBW looked HAWT in her custom-maded dress. I really loved that neck piece she is rocking!! She has came a longgggggggggggggggggggggg way for season 1! Please don't act like y'all don't remember the food stamp sitution, where was she going in that dress...any who!!!  Last night I will give her the third spot of HAWT after .........


THE BOSS, Shaunie O'Neal in an Emilio Pucci suit and Thomas Wylde blouse.  IN this HAWT a PINK suit she was more than KILL'N em, she buried em! This is a BAD suit!


Shaunie's shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. Always cute with her signature short-do Shaunie placed 2nd in my eyes, yes with the HAWT  suit I still LOVED Ev's look the most!

HAWTies you know I would love to hear from you all on who stole the show with their LOOK!!!

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