Friday, September 30, 2011

Leva Laguna by Cameron Krone for French Revue de Modes 19

Daria Werbowy by Terry Richardson for Vogue Russia October 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

Funky Fall Boots

Jeffrey Campbell | Litas |Fall 2011
Thank God it’s Friday. Freestyle Friday to be exact. Which when I will share with you whatever comes to mind. And with this mind of mine’s it’s no telling what that my be. However, this Friday…
I spy, with my bionic eye, thigh high, strap tied, bad ass boots #NoLie!
LOL. Yes, I really did just freestyle on ya’ll. I was looking for a topic to post about and started seeing all these HAWT boots stream on my newsfeeds. I love boots, whether they’re Uggs, booties, thigh-high, ankle, wedge you name it, I’ll strut ‘em. The weirder, the better, is always my motto when it comes to my shoe game. How can you leave your footprint in the world by rocking a basic shoe? People catch a glimpse of your runway walk  or hear you click clack from a mile away. With these over-top Fall Fashion Boots you will accomplish just that. And remember strut like you mean it. Send me pictures of you in your boots, you’ll be rocking this Fall at TheUrbanClassBoutique@Gmail.Com 
…f**king awesome.
Manish Arora Fall 2011
Gareth Pugh Fall 2011
Mark Charles 2012 | Camyvia:
Mark Charles 2012 | Camyvia:
Mark Charles Fall 2011 
Burberry Prorsum - Spring 2012
Burberry Prorsum Fall 2011
Doc Martens Triumph Fall 2011

Fall Color Fetish

Fall is here. Leaves are changing, time is slowing down, the last quarter of the year. But there is no need to be sad. You can still be just as sexy, stylish and HAWT with these festy fall colors. Fall meets wild style, with these unique, quirky creations.  HAWTies, which one is your favorite?
Orange & Pink Mash Up
Passion Plum
Nice & Easy
Blue Magic
Red Haute

HAWT Off The Press: Rihanna Seduces Rock & Roll Style In Emporio Armani Lingerie

HAWT Off The Press: Rihanna Seduces Rock & Roll Style In Emporio Armani Lingerie

Our favorite island gal, Robyn ‘Rihanna’ Fenty is the new face for the Emporio Armani Lingerie collection. Although, I doubt anyone is focusing on her face. Her body has stole the show for this ad campaign.Am I the only one who can hear her song ‘Skin’ being used as the background music if they create a commercial for this ad campaign? My only complaint is this atrocious blonde wig. I’m normally a huge fan of the boy/pixie cut but even Ri-Ri couldn’t pull this style off. She has in the past, so I believe the wig is a no go.
My question is can you see yourself bringing the caliente, by sporting these sultry, seductive lingerie pieces?Why or why not? If yes, Do you genuinely like the lingerie or it because it’s Armani and being marketed by Rihanna? Thoughts anyone?

Proenza Schouler Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week

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