Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hawt Dresses!!! Not so Massive Prices!!!!

Let's just be real.....we're in a recession and staying Hawt doesn't have to be expensive. A lot of us Divas are full time students, housewives, or just head of the house hold! We must preserve every dollar...which makes it kinda hard to stay HAWT and not go broke. So, we decided to share some HAWT dresses that are all under $35. Holla!!!!!

Positive Dares

Positive Dares $32.80 @ greatglam

Begin Moving

Begin Moving  $27.80 @ greatglam

Show A Little

Show A Little $ 31.80 @ greatglam

Windows In Time


Windows In Time $25.80 @  greatglam

Tap Dancing

Tap Dancing $32.80 @ greatglam

Some Words

Some Words $29.80 @ greatglam


Jinxed  $23.80 @ greatglam

Don't hurt 'em to hard by looking to HAWT in one of these looks.

Look Like Trina...............HAWTIE ON A BUDGET!

Bandages dress are the new thing.... We were emailed about this bandage dress Trina was spotted in by one of our Hawties, Rayna, wanting to know where she could find her own. Well we aim to please her at MH, so here are a few alternatives for Rayna & any other Hawt interested in this style.


Trapped (Black)


Black White Stripes Criss Cross Bandage Dress $39.99 @ hotmiamistyles

Don't forget to send us your request for any items you may want or need in your closet!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Massive Bay Area Hawt iiissshhh!!!

So we all know that its a lot of great talent out here in the Bay Area. We have come across a clothing line straight out of San Jose, called Booger Kids. They started off with children's clothing, hence the boogers. Their kids shirts started off with cool logos with boogers on them. But soon they gravitated towards adult clothing with sum pretty hawt cartoon characters & boogers . No one wants to admit it but we've all picked our noses a few times in our lives, not all of us wipe them on our shirts. But this is a cool way to rock boogers on your tees now. Their line has expanded & is doing quite well shirts, hoodies & hats with some awesome logos that have sum cool swagged up male models in them. So check them out at Boogerkids & rep for Tha Bay!

Rock, Paper, Cut Crew neck - Grey  $50.00

Scumbags Crew neck - Black   $50.00

Mission Tee - Black   $30.00

Booger Alone   $30.00

Goonies Tee   $28.00

Mile High Tee   $30.00

Dangerous Tee   $30.00

Drunky Duck Tee in Black   $30.00

Mad Booger Glow tee   $30.00

They also have cute women's shirts as well........

Womens: Rock, Paper, Cut Crew in Grey   $60.00

Womens: Pebbles Booger Crew in Black   $60.00

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Step up ya shoe game......

All Hawt Diva's must have non-common shoe color..... you can match these heels with the regular jeans or flip the script and rock them with a mini skirt. Be creative and where them with colors that match or be daring and wear them as the only thing that doesn't  match.....

These give an vintage feel....

Qupid Roshay. 22.99  @ shoeocean

These are bold..............
Qupid Nydia. 24.99 @ shoeocean

These are spicy...........

Qupid Nydia Crinkle $24.99 @ shoeocean

Hope you Hawties get inspired & think out the box when it comes to wearing bold colors. It doesn't have to stop with the shoes, try out bold & loud prints with something tame & safe. And don't forget to email us your pictures for our new Hawties around the way section that will be featured soon.



From time to time, you find yourself wondering where are all the people of color when it comes to magazines & ads. We know that people of color are just as pretty if not more pretty than people without color. LOL. Yea we just said people without color. We never like playn the race/color cards on our blog, but never the less we want to bring you more images of all races in ads, editorial & run ways. Just to show that we all can ROCK.

These images come from Playboy France of the super beautiful model by the name of Georgie Badiel. The shoot itself gives an ole school Foxy Brown sexiness that not everyone can pull off. There is nothing else to say other than just admire her beauty.


We did mention that these images were from Playboy France so these are pretty much all we can show you.
It gets more Hawter than this.

Hawt TRENDS!!!!!!!!!!

So if you Hawties haven't noticed by now, shoulder pads are making a come back. That extra padding on the shoulders can make your silhouette look dramatically slimming, drawing the attention from your shoulders to your waist. Yea that sounds very backwards, but it does work if pulled off correctly. Lately a few celebrities have conquered the "football player" look. And just like with any other fad/trend, shoulder pads have truly evolved for the 21 century women. Check a few of celebs is action.

Beyonce Knowles

Angelina Jolie

Victoria Beckham

Kim Kardashian

ALL IMAGES FROM Thefashionspot

To try out sum of these looks, check out sum of the things we found with shoulder pads.

ASOS Shark Shoulder Longline Blazer $25.86 @ asos

ASOS Premium Ruched Sleeve Drapey Blazer $60.34 @ asos


Miss Multiple Personalities herself has been spotted overseas working hard & kill'n em HAWTIE style. Although half of us would dare to even think about wearing one of her outfits down the street (I, personally would rock it out). Its still fun to see what she is going to wear next. The reason why we love Miss Minaj at MASSIVEHAWTNESS is because she isn't afraid of being herself, no matter what people say about her & her style & that massive backside of hers. She has not fallen victim to the criticism & that what makes her more appealing. These next photos just showcase Nicki's style/costumes while over in London.

Love love love this last picture. Nothing is there holding up that leg other than, YOU SEE THESE SHOES!!

Mara Hruby - Is This Love (Official Music Video)

The Bay Area is where we are from & we love the big ball of talent that lies within the Bay. So we want to bring you Massive hawtness from the Bay. This week Mara Hruby has taking over my brain with her rendition of Bob Marley's classic Is This Love. This Oakland native has been taking the Bay by storm since early last year, Now she's has released her very own EP "From Her Eyes". If you haven't gotten a chance to check her out, she will be performing in San Jose at The Pagoda on February 18th @ 9pm. We will most certainly be in the building, until then please enjoy her beautiful voice & very sweet video.


No true diva can live without shoes, hats, scarves, rings, bracelets, etc. We live for little cute things that make an outfit & makes us smile as well. So we had to bring you the hawtest accessories that we could find. Let us know if you want us to search for a particular item or something to match up with the look your going for. We be more than happy to try to locate things for our Hawties.

The Cat Ring By Betsey Johnson

The Lucite Candy Ring By Harajuku Lovers

The Pinnocchio Puppeteer Necklace By Disney Couture Jewelry

The I'm Fly Ring in White By Melody Ehsani

The Medusa Ring in Gunmetal w/ Silver Face By Han Cholo

The "Money" ring By Miss Wax Jewelry
$130.00   (lol, they are serious)

The Flat Crystalized Bow Ring in Hematite By *The Extras

The Not Acceptable Bangle By NEIVZ

All of these accessories can be spotted @ Karmaloop. There are way more accessories there than we can post, so the time & have a field day with all the cute little things they have. Enjoy hawties!!!!

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