Monday, October 31, 2011

HAppy HAWT Halloween!!!!!!!

Hey HAWTies!! Its the Best Holiday Ever on the planet today!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! I have been busy all day at work but that will never stop me from posting LOL that's bad but the truth! Well I have some clues on my costume. Okay here they Go................

#1 Snoop 

#2 Soda

#3 Smell the Nut.....................................

The Sun Drop Girl, been dropping like its HAWT all damn day!!!!


This is the new love of my life ( don't tell my Boys) Zamora " ZZ Top" this is my God baby dressed up as a Raider Nation Cheerleader!!!! 



This is my Luv Bug _ Roz from work as a "PINK LADY" I asked her to bust some moves from the movie, but she wasn't having it!!! I loves this girl!!!!! She is just as crazy as me & that works for me!!!! Get Em girl!


This is my BEST BITCH EVER (BBF) Nat!! my Fashion partner in Crime dressed as a sexy Football player, aint making not a nar nutter of a pss or tackle but will do all the snaps LOL LOL, She is the Keeper of my god baby aka the mama!!!


Yes I made my own costume with a 2 liter soda!!!! Everything else I had n the closet, don't judge be about these leg warmers!!!  I still wanna see what you HAWTies came up with. O & I didn't go out this weekend so I didn't rock my Wicked Witch of the East fit but I still may post pics!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Quick Costumes

HAPPY Friday HAWTies!!! Its Halloween weekend & this year I didn't go hard with costume posts this year. Partially due to me not knowing what I want to be but I have both of them, yes both, picked out. LOL For this weekend I will be the Wicked Witch of the East, its a sexy lingerie witch outfit with a few pieces I added to it. Cant wait to show off the pics, but for work I have a very simple but funny costume. I cant speak on that one just yet cuz I don't want anyone to bite I have to win the contest at work LOL. Very cheesy yes but I would like to win it. But I will Post Pics HAWTies so you can see what I came up with. But now I wanna help out my HAWTies that love to procrastinate....... 

There is always time & items in your closet to put together a quick last minute costume. Even a quick trip to the dollar store may assist in your efforts. But I have a few tips to get it crack'n for the Holiday Weekend, cuz its always fun to dress up!!! 

Sexy Zombie- with all of the Zombie shows & movies out this wont be a wacky idea, specially if you stay in character. LOL! All you need are a few old items in your closet that you plan on throwing out or just not wearing. Try them on make sure you look cute & tear & rip up a shirt or pants leg. And next you need makeup  which you can hit up the dollar store for. 

HAWT Clown- Who doesn't have a pair of leggings & maybe even a leotard in their closet. LOL well If you don't, don't judge those of us who do. But this can double as a french clown, you would also need a few scarves to pin on the collar & maybe sleeves on your leotard, almost like a jester & of course you can find killer make up ideas online for clowns 

Cousin It's Wifey - Now if your like me then you have plenty of old wigs in my hair box. LOL So why not put it to use, now I would suggest to give it a quick rinse thru to make sure your not smelling ratchet hair all night, but put on your cutest freak um dress on & put the wig so it covers most of your face, throw on a pair of HAWT shades to give it a diva appeal!! 

Convicted School Teacher - With teachers getting caught doing the do with their students why not make a joke of it, put on your cutest Conservative / sexy outfit with a pair of those nerd glasses that are in & grab those hand cuffs out the naughty box & put it on one wrist. LOL. You can have fun with the story of what you are & who you did.......

Nicki Minaj - Since she is full of character & colors it doesn't take much, but a killer wig to pull off a Miss Minaj, grab some leggings & put on a colorful low cut shirt with your best push up & get a bag of balloons from the dollar store & blow them up & tape or glue or pin them to your shirt ( think of her pom pom shirt) & make sure you stuff that read & slap on some pink lips. Maybe even grab a MIC & randomly yell out lyrics of her. ALL YOU BITCHES IS MY SONS, & pull out a baby bib from the dollar store on them hoes... LOL 

 I hope this helps out some or even spark up your own ideas. If you made your costume or yours is just to cute for words please send them over to & I will add them to a future post!!! Happy Halloween HAWTies!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bey rock'n CRUX jewlery!!!

Hey Hawties!!!! The week is almost over & the weekend is approaching quick!!! Well I got a super treat this week when first Bey put out a Video to one of my FAV songs off her album. PARTY w/ Andre 300 but she changed it to J. Cole for the video!!! Honestly I was pissed that Andre wasn't in the VID, but its only so much sexiness needed for one VID & Bey provide all of that for us in this Back yard Party theme video. 

King Bey gets her Party on in a trailer park while her little Sis Solange rocks the 1's & 2's!! They both look very cute & colorful retro looks. But check those earrings the ladies have on............They are rock'n CruxNY Haji & Eshe style earrings. Well HAWTies if you don't know about CruxNY then please click on the link & check them out. Not only will you be supporting an independent designer but you can also get a chance to rock something like KING Bey. 


CruxNY is made up of 2 HAWT unique designers Sennie Clark and Ahyiana Angel. They Established in 2008 & have been putting out HAWT items ever since. They have been rocked by the likes of Bey & Amber Rose & also featured in NYLON & Seventeen magazines. All pieces are unique & made to bring out your inner Crux!!  I'm super proud of them both ladies, but Sennie I went to High School with & I can say that she has always been a Diva & pushed the envelope & all of that Fierceness is paying off. Keep of the good work ladies & please HAWTies check them out at CruxNY  & dont forget to like the on Facebook.!!!

It makes me super mucho Proud to showcase a close HAWTie!!!! It's great to see other doing great & living out their dreams please support these HAWTies!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TREND SPOTTING................................ Faux FUR!!!

HAWties I know most of us cant even stand to think the thought about rock'n a Real Fur! So thank the Fashion Gods for Faux Fur!!!!!!!! Those old school Faux Furs n your grandma's closets are making a come back. Faux furs this winter will make you feel elegant and keep you warm on those nippy days. So if you don't have one, making a trip down to your local thrift store could give you more options in style in varieties for a cheap cost! So you can rock this trend effortlessly this season with these helpful hints & pics. Please trust & believe that you will see a lot of this, well depending where you live! LOL but why not be a trendsetter in your area or school if no one else is... Check it out HAWTies.  

  • Keep it simple & Tailored - look for jackets/coats that have darting (vertical seems that run length of the garment), which gives the coats a more tailored shape , YOU WANT A SHAPE!! 
  • Remember that Fur adds bulk to your frame, AGAIN YOU WANT A SHAPE!!
  • If you got a bigger frame, your might want to option for a faux fur vest instead of that floor length faux minx. 
  • If your top heavy, go for a mid-thigh or longer coat to avoid  adding bulk to an already  bulky area. 


Minimal – Delicate pieces with light details; trimming or fur collars make for simple features that still make a statement.

Vest Style - Try pairing your vest with tighter, close-fitting shirts to balance its volume. As well loose, peasant-style tops can create a chill, bohemian look.

Accessorize – If you’re hesitant about leaping right into a fur vest or jacket try a dash of detail;  boots, hats, earmuffs, bolero … anything goes.


Faux Fur dont’s:
Overdue it – Covering yourself with head to fur just ain’t cool! Try to only invest in one piece and use it wisely. Disclaimer: my comment under the images was an exaggeration, don’t wear everything at the same time!
Nasty Patterns – Some patterns just aren’t for fur, In my opinion, leopard prints, zebra, or any shapes.

Shoddy Synthetic – Horrible texture and nappy looking furs are a NO, attention to this!

I hope this helps you all out HAWTies, now please send over pics of your Fauz Fur outfits to so I can post you lovies!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Tuesday HAIR!!!!!

Hey HAWTies, so I have been going back & forth between Natural hair & weaves/wigs! I love love love my HAIR let me say. Don't know what hair type I am but what ever it is I rocks that's ISH,like no ones biz but I love love love to switch up my style so much that sticking to one style is super hard for me. Plus it may have a little to do with that I am a SAG & we love to change it up all the damn ass time. LOL But today I am Rocking the Jet Black Wavy thang that my BBF likes to call Lola! I am really thinking of doing a super chop & going almost to no hair, but of course I would keep about 20 wigs in the closet for back up. LOL But then I want to put my poetic Justice braids back in so see my issue I want to do to much. But what you think HAWTies I need opinions & ideas on what you think I should do. But in the mean time I'm going to share some Work Flicks from today!!! lol

PS please forgive all of the errors in the next post my silly self just remembered that I didn't edit it LOL HAWTies F'up Too

Tuesday Just cuz Swag....................

You a BAD girl & your friends BAD too... you Got the SWAG sauce you dripp'n SWAGU!!! Hey HAWTies!!! Its Tuesday & Im sitting at my desk first off super busy but Im still blogg'n LOL 

I love to look at pics on my tumblr!!! If you dont know I post blog post over there as well at But I love to tumble thru all the differnt pics & post & video clips for inspiration for looks & designs. I just love creativity & indiviiduality & those of you that love to look like others then this post isnt for you!!! Just to see how folks woudl rock certain things like a turban or to see someone is a pair of shoes that you own that they flipped out & wore like you would have ever thought to. This is why I love to look at people & their style & their swag. Peolpe watching/gazing. People are interesting & intriguing LOL. I guess this is part of the reason why I love fashion so much. There is no right or wrong way to wear anything on this planet, well certain rules do apply but thats not in this post. This post is just some free spirit/ style orgasism/ fashion patrol/ whatever else you wanna call it. Imma call it my Tuesday "the ISH I liek on tumblr today" LOL LOL enjoy HAWTies.............








 LOL you know I had to end it all with my current crush LOL, but any who I got all these lovely pics ( wonderful inspiration) from all the Beautiful HAWTies I follow on Tumblr, if you follow me you could also follow them!! Get @ 

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