Friday, February 24, 2012

NAPURAL FRIDAY............Dear Diva Diary Edition........

Dear Diva Diary........

I am obsessed with big hair. Im not sure what it is about having a heaping load of hair of my head. Let me not lie to you of all people! LOL........ I really love the look of it of course but I honestly feel likes its a security more than anything else. It started off as OOOooo I want curls like that girl, which just happened to be some random girl I seen on one of the NAPURAL blogs I follow. Knowing dang well that my hair pattern wasnt that type LOL so why not rock a wig to get the look. Well that opened up the door to my current love affair...BIG HAIR. So you know that you couldn't tell me nothing with my first wig LOL yes we know that I an be a bit much sometimes. But I also liked the fact that it covered the side of my head that was & still is growing back from my Cassie moment LOL yea that a whole nuther diary entry ok, Dont judge me, so needless to say that I was WERK'n the hell outta the wig.... Forgot to tell you I got it sale thats ALWAYS a plus.

This is the most recent 'do 

The Previous 'Do 

I like my Snookie Hump



There goes that Shaved Head I was talkn about 

But after that wig I went right to another then another but after that I told myself that I needed to let my own hair down & when I did........................................ I was not as pleased as I was with it anymore, well before the big hair. I LOVE MY HAIR, please dont ever get it twisted. But that dang wig did something to me & my hair security! I dont like it one bit either but yet I still put that dang wig back on my Head. And the hair is getting bigger & bigger. I know, I know what your going to say is that I am beautiful either way........thanks Diva Diary but, yea yea!  Please dont give me a basic answer, a little band-aid to cover the wound. I need to ween myself from the DANG yaki, never thought you would hear that from me huh. Well I super serious I wanna go back to LOVING the way my hair looks on my completely. I just cannot believe that Im not competely just happy with what I got but atleast I can be honest with myself about it all....................

my Napural HAR  

Smoochies & Diva Struts Until next time.....................

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Iris van Herpen x United Nude design Haute Couture

Hey HAWTies Hey,

Im sitting here stumbling through some of my FAV blogs & I came across a pair of shoes that has most def left a mark on me & Im sure they will do the same to you.  Check them out & a little about them below..............Let me warn you HAWTies I dont know the price tage but Im sure thea nre more than my mortage.............

"The “Fang” shoes with ten sharp teeth to each foot – the product of van Herpen’s fifth successful collaboration with United Nude. The shape of the wedge is so complex that each one consists of fiberglass and carbon fiber, made in a slow molding process. It is not yet certain whether these shoes will come to market as a limited edition, as was the case with previous Iris van Herpen x United Nude designs, but it is worth keeping an eye out for them."


So tell me HAWTies would you all rock these Fang Wedges? If so what would you wear with them? I'm super curious on what you HAWTies think....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Not so Known Black History FACTS

Hey HAWTies Hey,

If you’ve ever seen a copy of Emmanuel Leutze's 1851 painting, "Washington Crossing the Delaware," at the New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art, you’ll notice a black soldier at the helm, helping to row. The soldier is said to be Prince “Caleb Quotem” Whipple. His original name is unknown.

Quotem was an African prince born in 1750 to wealthy parents in Ambou, Africa. At age 10, he and his cousin were offered the opportunity to go to America and be educated by a ship captain. His parents had no reason to feel uneasy about the trip, as they sent an older son years prior on the same expedition. But when they arrived to America, Quotem was sold into slavery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to General William Whipple, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. His life story, now as Prince Whipple, would become one of military history and a court struggle for freedom in 1779.

When General Whipple was called to the Revolutionary war, Prince Whipple was forced to accompany him. As a slave, Whipple worked for the military’s prominent soldiers, who were impressed with his literacy and eloquent manner. One of those men included then-General George Washington. It was said that General Washington trusted him so much, that he was once given a large amount of money to transport from Salem to Portsmouth. During his trip, he was attacked on the road, by two men, both of whom he defeated with a whip and a gun.

In 1779, Prince Whipple, along with 19 other slaves, petitioned the courts for freedom, based on their kidnapping from Africa as children. The petition was set aside, and the prince was not freed until 1784.

Prince Whipple married a freed slave named Dinah in 1781 before he was freed, and had seven children. He died in 1796, and his grave is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Not So Known Black Facts Maggie Lena Walker

Hey HAWTies Hey,

I read about our next slightly unknown black history fact & thought women are just STRONG......


Maggie Lena Walker, the first woman in the United States to become a president of a local bank, was born July 15, 1867 in Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A. She was a daughter of former slaves, Elizabeth Draper Mitchell and William Mitchell, who worked in the mansion of the abolitionist Elizabeth Van Lew. After a few years of living at the mansion, her father got a job as the head waiter at the Saint Charles Hotel and the family moved to a small house in town. Her father was murdered, presumably a victim of robbery and her mother supported herself and her two children with her laundry business while Maggie helped with the chores. In addition, Maggie attended the Lancaster School and then the Armstrong Normal School. After graduation in 1883, she taught at the Lancaster School until her marriage to Armstead Walker, Jr., a building contractor, in September 1886. They subsequently had three sons, though one died in infancy. She also became an agent for an insurance company, the Woman's Union.

Class Picture 

Since the age of fourteen, she had been a member of the Grand United Order of St. Luke, an African-American fraternal and cooperative insurance society founded in Baltimore in 1867 by a former slave, Mary Prout, with headquarters established in Richmond in 1889. The order had been established to assure proper health care and burial arrangements of its members and encouraged self-help and racial solidarity. Walker worked her way up until, in 1899, she became the executive secretary-treasurer of the organization, now renamed the Independent Order of St. Luke. The order was in debt at the time so she accepted a reduced salary of eight dollars per month.

 Maggie Lena Walker 

In 1902, she started publishing a newsletter, the St. Luke Heraldto increase awareness of the activities of the organization and to help in the educational work of the order. The following year, she opened the St. Luke Penny Savings Bank and became its president. The bank's goal was to facilitate loans to the community. By 1920, the bank helped purchase about 600 homes. By 1924, the Independent Order of St. Luke had 50,000 members, 1500 local chapters, a staff of 50 working in its Richmond headquarters and assets of almost $400,000. The Penny Savings Bank absorbed all other black-owned banks in Richmond in 1929 and became the Consolidated Bank and Trust Company with Walker as its chairman of the board.
In 1912, she helped found the Richmond Council of Colored Women and served as its president. The council raised money for the support of Janie Porter Barrett’s Virginia Industrial School for Colored Girls and for other philanthropies. She was a member of the International Council of Women of the Darker Races, the National Association of Wage Earners, National Urban League and the Virginia Interracial Committee. She also cofounded the Richmond branch of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People).
Walker suffered more personal tragedies in her life. In 1907, she fell on the front steps of her home and injured her knees. The damaged nerves and tendons continued to trouble her for the rest of her life. She also suffered from diabetes and was confined to a wheelchair after 1928. Her husband died in 1915 when her son, Russell Ecles Talmage, mistook his father for a prowler on the porch and shot him. Russell was acquitted of the murder charge, but he never recovered from this ordeal and he died in 1923.
Walker died in Richmond, Virginia, on December 15, 1934. The cause of her death was listed as "diabetes gangrene." The house her family occupied from 1904 to 1934 is now a Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site and is located at 110 1/2 East Leigh Street.

Reading this just made me think that I need to do more as a women. Sometimes life isn't all about running & living for our family but working towards making a community better & going forward in life!!! So much I need to learn & know.......

Beyonce spotted out after Baby Blu Ivy

Hey HAWTies Hey,

So Miss Momma Bee stepped out for the first time for her Hubbys concert at Brooklyn’s Carnegie Hall. She looked MILF in that Alice Temperly red dress, Alexander McQueen Clutch and Louboutin pumps. Now for all of the none believers look at those HIPS!!!! She HAD a baby

Bey has always been a power house in fashion, but this dress was super on point. Not only is the color FIRE but the rouching in the front works wonder for new mommies. It hides the little jiggly tummy you get after having your little bundle in a sexy way.

Isn't that cute that she is rock'm Blue polish! LOL Awwwwww she is a mommie now! Congrats to both of them on having a beautiful (I think in my head that she is cute) baby girl.  If she is looking this good after one I'm sure Jay is like lets get in about 3 more LOL. What do you HAWTies think of this look on Bey?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Black History....Not so Famous

Hey HAWTies Hey,

Everyday is always a great day to learn something new!!! So with it being Black History month lets try to talk about folks that we may not know so well. We always give props to those that have paved the way but its mostly the most famous ones. So HAWTies lets take this learning journey together, yes I missed the first day of the month don't kill me OK HAWTies........


Marian Anderson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She joined a junior church choir at the age of six, and applied to an all-white music school after her graduation from high school in 1921, but was turned away because she was black. The woman working the admissions counter replied "We don't take colored" when she tried to apply. Consequently, she continued her singing studies with a private teacher.

She debuted at the New York Philharmonic on August 26, 1925 and scored an immediate success, also with the critics. In 1928, she sang for the first time at Carnegie Hall. Her reputation was further advanced by her tour though Europe in the early 1930s. The Finnish composer Jean Sibelius dedicated his Solitude to her. In 1935 impresario Sol Hurok took over as her manager and was with her for the rest of her performing career.

Marian Anderson

Easter Sunday, 1939 she sung "The Star Spangled Banner" at the dedication of a mural commemorating her free public concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in DC after the DAR refused to let her sing at Constitution Hall.

On January 7, 1955, Anderson broke the color barrier by becoming the first African-American to perform with the New York Metropolitan Opera. On that occasion, she sang the part of Ulrica in Giuseppe Verdi's Un ballo in maschera. The occasion was bittersweet as Anderson, at age 58, was no longer in her prime vocally.

In 1958 she was officially designated delegate to the United Nations, a formalization of her role as "goodwill ambassador" of the U.S. she played earlier, and in 1972 she was awarded the UN Peace Prize.

Discreet but Fashionable Earbuds............

Hey HAWTies Hey,

 Am I the only one that cannot live without music in their lives, seriously if I don't have my headphone (I say single because I work on the phones, shhhhh) in my ear & totally vibe'n to the music while at work.......Its going to be a horrible day for me & my clients. So when I came across this unique but superrrrrrrrrrr HAWT MP3 player. Lets just say I was more than overjoyed!!You talking statement piece or fashion statement, this is it. I want it just because it pretty & shiny.... Even the headphone is adorable, a little loop earring!!!! I've started hinting to this a valentine's present....... to my boys. Which means I will be buying this item myself, wrap it & pretend as if they did. LOL. The more I look at it I'm wondering on why Apple didn't team up with a designer & think of this sooner, cuz this is going to pull in all the Diva's money....... I can see different styles & colors already. When you see it HAWTies please tell me you don't think the designer, Lee Won-jun is a lie that this earring plays music.

Accessories MP3 Player by Lee Won-jun

But no HAWTies he is just a little ahead of the times with this piece & I truly appreciate him for that. This is a dope earring for one but the fact that it plays music just makes me jealous that I didn't think of it but gotta  air smoochies (props) where air smoochies are due & he WERK'd that idea!!! What do you HAWTies think of it?
 References: yankodesign & trendhunter

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