Monday, July 2, 2012

2012 BET Awards red carpet pictures

Hey HAWTies Hey,

Last night were the BET awards & although we're to enjoy the show. We enjoy the red carpet looks the most, so enough with the chit chat. lEt's take a looksie shall we HAWTies.................

One of my FAV looks of the night was Latoya Luckett in the yellow dress, on her skin looked so GOOD! it was a cute summer time type gown.

Busta looking real...............Buff on the American carpet. This look reminds of that saying..... God Bless America & nobody else LOL LOL

Yea you see them HAWTies & they have groupies!! Believe it. Mills is handsome tho!

Tyga ................okay

Monica looked awesome which is nothing new! Her & that hubby of hers are so cute together

There were some mixed reviews about Jaime's look, I don't mind a little ruff look every once in a while so ahhhh.

Faith graced us with her lovely voice last nite. I liked the look minus those pants maybe a nice solid bright color would've set this off!

Mike Epps crazy self & his wife! He kilt me with the Jodeci look!!!

Ray J looking real grown & sexy! Almost made me sign up for season 3 of Ray J of  LOVE, lol.

Apparently Tank, G & Ty are forming a group. Lots of sexy going on in this pic..........

Miss King............... does she age. She still looks like her role in Boys in the Hood.

All grown up now!! Wasnt sure about the look tho

Bobby V really! WE was ALMOST ok til we got to those shoes.

Ok just let the braid go already....please! Love the verse on MERCY btw.....

Miguel we all know has his own swag & I honestly think he is very handsome & his style makes him sexy. WHAT YOU HAWTies think???

Tocarra looking great & in full diva mode! Super cute look

Host Rosci looking neutral

Rick Ross Ughhhhhhhh (In his voice LOL) looking like a bag of money! lol Over stuffed one. JK JK.

2 CHAINS!! I wonder who in the heck is his stylist???? Not sure where he be going with these looks of his! almost as Rachett as his music, but love this ish............ Tell your BABY Daddy he SUPER WEAK.....

Big Sean, love the name considering how short he his, not SMALL! He reminds of that often.... but really the no shirt on the red carpet is soooooooooooooo 80's rockerish. I don't think it would've been as bad had he not had the hoodie on it.

Angela Simmons, another FAV look of the night & again its yellow!! Very Regal look & have y'all heard 
about her Hair line.
Bro & sis Jayden & Willow looking like their normal selves!!!!

Lola looked great in this peach thang. Her hips really don't lie now do they...geez boo!

Spike & his wife loved his performance with Samuel L Jackson.

Michelle Williams looked her timid self, the look was basic.

I loved this look on Miss Ambrose. The Hair the skirt the shoes it all worked for me at least...

MB had the girls going crazy, like always. Lots of talk about that young man's hat!!!

Eva the Diva, show'n us exactly why she has that name!!! WERK MISS!

OMG girls, always so colorful but cute. Youth always brings something new to the scene.

I want this skirt to wear to....where I want ok that's it HAWTies moving on!

I loves me some Lala but I wasn't really feeling this jumpsuit. I think it's the color

Miss Banks looks fierce in this dress love the print & the neon splash.

El Varner looked HAWT in this printed number. 

Swiss is always on his Fashion ish, those pants are sick tho I can't even front.

Lastly, is this lady named Porsche from the ATL. Now it looks like she took all the wrong prom dresses from the PAST 4 years, mixed in a little Janet Jackson rhyme nation! I was not feel'n this at all! WTH WHY is what I wanna know WHY?

What did you HAWTies think of the looks on the carpet last night??????

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