Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta - Open Discussion......

Hey HAWTies Hey,

Last night was the premiere of the new installment of Love & Hip Hop..... ATL. I must say I wasn't expecting all that drama in the first episode. But it almost felt as if I was watching a soap opera rather than "reality tv"...... Sure I'm not the only one. Don't get me wrong something's I felt were real like K. Michelle's story! That was some crazy madness she went through but we've all been thru something but I have a few topics to discuss from this one episode so let's get it........


Now I'm a few someone's momma but I cannot see myself ALL up in my grown kids biz like Momma
D. Was I the only one who thought she was outta line for coming at Erica the way she did, now I can see a mother n law talking with her daughter in law about relationship ISH but not how she did it. Lol her comment about being the queen & paasing it down when she feels suit. She so wrapped up in her son that she doesn't even talk to him about to wrong ISH he is doing! Erica took your son back after a very public relationship with a women he dumped her for & she isnt showing enough affection lol PLEASSssssE Lady! Your son needs to be worshiping her right now showering her with love & affection if he wants her, I mean that something I would point out to my son..... But we all PIMP Parent differently! Oh & the comment about her pimiping Diamond was outta line I'm sure we'll hear something in a diss track soon!!!

Cheating with involved men!!!

Mimi, Stevie J & Joseline have a helluva love/hate triangle going on! But unfortunately Mimi was the only person outta the know! Now a lot of things thru me off about this whole mess! Didn't he mess with Eve at some point in time, was that more than 15 years ago?!? Mimi is super beautiful & seems to have her head on straight but she continues to stay, like a lot of women chose to do! Which ain't nothing wrong with, cuz I'm not going through the relationship with you & your other half. But that still doesn't stop the why in my head?? Why are you still there? And then on the opposite side of the stick. Joseline knows that Stevie is involved with Mimi, why is she cheating with him & denying it! Why do some women chose to cheat with an involved man?!?

Last but not least


I was starting to doubt that there would NEVER be any positive brown women on reality shows! But then WE tv hits us with Mary Mary!!! Don't know about y'all but I love that show!!! I love the fact that you see them interact & struggle with true families like most of us do on a daily! It's an interesting dynamic between the sisters & it's make for great tv because we can see them! Not just the gospel side but them. These other shows we loath to watch sometimes feels a like instigated or ......... Scripted! Last night did y'all think it was a lil strange with the whole club incident. It was a lot going on but it seem forced.

I'm sooooo dying to hear from you HAWTies to know what you all think about the matters above!!!!

Thanks for reading & don't forget....

Be Massive & Forever MERK'n Em!

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