Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Love & Hip Hop ATL wrap up

Hey HAWTies Hey,

Last nights episode was a mess!!! So much drama I don't know where to begin......

What do you think the pregnancy test says?

Up first...Joseline! SMH, ok now ladies(Travis Porter Voice) don't ever ever get caught up like this young lady! Leave business as business & if it crosses over into something more be smart about it & don't ever get involved with a man that's already taken....ever! Won't get you no where, so she is living that F'ed up reality! She tries so hard to act innocent & vulnerable, but then is so defensive & bitchy to the other women. She can say they all hate'n on her lol, I don't think it's hate more like laughter.... Lots of it. Can't claim to be the HBIC if you ain't even getting paid Ma! I honestly wanted to see more of her music than hearing about her damn stripper days....please can we move on to music Jos! But before we do let's chat about this cat fight......

Stevie is not happy about Mimi becoming a partner in his company.

This fool pulled out a pregnancy test out his pocket, lol did he not know that he just pulled a reverse R. Kelly on Mimi! (yes hunty) How funny was that!!! I'm not sure who would carry something like that around. Now Joseline could've gone about this discussing totally different. But imma say it for us all, happy it played out the way it did, LOL! Steve J is a rat, a hood rat with boy parts! Super RACHET, I mean he is a mess. Treating Mimi & Jos like this all on TV. Doesn't he have a daughter, SMH much to think about Stevie!

Mimi is liking this whole music business.

Mimi is super weak!!! (2 chains voice) only smart thing I've seen is that 20% contract. And we have yet to see of that contract is legit. That's about all I have to say bout her right now.

K. Michelle, now I don't care what she say....heffa youse crazy!! Lol of that story is true about her yelling "Whose Responsible?" then ummmmm screaming at your place of business is a bit wild! I can understand the situation but yelling CHILD PLEASE! Gotta stay on your grown woman at all times! But recently it was revealed that Toya, Wezzy Wez ex-wife current husband, Mephis is the infamous Ex that she says beat her & spent up her deal money! And K. Michelle has been twitter beef'n with a slue of folks from him to Tamar Braxton! Gotta give it to lil mama she gots balls & a tude to back it up..... I see why folks think she is crazy! Lol but she ripped her showcase! Had to purchase that song from iTunes!

Erica, now she is such a cute educated girl! Why she wanna be with Scrappy & be in a family that involves Momma Dee's crazy ass.....& in that order!! Just is crazy to me! But love is love & I'm not one to argue about matters of the heart. You can tell that she loves that man & he is light weight not 100 percent into her..... I'm sure I'm not the only person who can tell. He is very hesitate about her, sure he loves her but only time can tell that.....but let's talk about the fight with Stevie J.........

Mimi was dead ass wrong for not saying anything while he sat there & disrespected Erica..... Can you say WAB, HAWTies you plug-in the words sure it ain't hard to do.

Rasheeda we rarely see on the show. I really like her & her music. I'm curious as to what exactly is holding her back on that break thru she needs...

Rasheeda is late to the shoot, but she's trying to do it all.

& I'm not going to lie I've had a few to many glasses of wind well watching the show & typing this post..... But baby girl that told Mimi about Jos & the one Jos "checked" in the gym, HER! The messy that keeps being on the opposite end of the drama stick, first the funk with Jos now she is talking mes about K. Michelle! She is on her R&B thug ISH! Lol females gotta love us!!!! But K. Michelle may go stupid doo doo dumb on her so she bet be cool.

What did you HAWTies think of last night show???

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