Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome HAWTIES!!!!!

This is Massive, our first post! Today is the first day of 2011, but on the last day of 2010 my BBf & I went out after work for a little retail therapy, plus she needed a top to go out in for NewYear's, so thats all the excuse we need to go. LOL. We opted to go to BCF since its close to our job & let's admit it they have great deals there. But depending on which one you go to it can be a bit of a hassle to shop, or to find what is it you need shall we say. While searching the racks for a Black top (you would think this would be a simple task, not with us) we came across a few items that imspired us for our first section within our blog intitled Massive NOTNESS, which Im sure you guessed are things that are just ugly or we had no idea WTF. We also found a few other lovely items that had nothing to do with my BBf's outfit for the evening! Those will be covered also under another called MASSIVE Deals.  We plan to have a lot of different sections & hopefully our ideas will stick our from other blogs, we know that we just really enjoy fashion, rather it be on ourselves or others, it could be punk, it could ball room dresses, it could be costumes from a play, it inspires & we itch like Fashion Junkies when we something we love & we just like to share that.We hope you all enjoy our blog!!  SMOOCHIES!!!!!

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