Friday, January 28, 2011

Massive Bay Area Hawt iiissshhh!!!

So we all know that its a lot of great talent out here in the Bay Area. We have come across a clothing line straight out of San Jose, called Booger Kids. They started off with children's clothing, hence the boogers. Their kids shirts started off with cool logos with boogers on them. But soon they gravitated towards adult clothing with sum pretty hawt cartoon characters & boogers . No one wants to admit it but we've all picked our noses a few times in our lives, not all of us wipe them on our shirts. But this is a cool way to rock boogers on your tees now. Their line has expanded & is doing quite well shirts, hoodies & hats with some awesome logos that have sum cool swagged up male models in them. So check them out at Boogerkids & rep for Tha Bay!

Rock, Paper, Cut Crew neck - Grey  $50.00

Scumbags Crew neck - Black   $50.00

Mission Tee - Black   $30.00

Booger Alone   $30.00

Goonies Tee   $28.00

Mile High Tee   $30.00

Dangerous Tee   $30.00

Drunky Duck Tee in Black   $30.00

Mad Booger Glow tee   $30.00

They also have cute women's shirts as well........

Womens: Rock, Paper, Cut Crew in Grey   $60.00

Womens: Pebbles Booger Crew in Black   $60.00

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