Monday, January 17, 2011

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Everyone is always so happy to get a day off at work, and today isn't any different to many. But most of us take the time out on this special day to really remember all of the time, effort, lives & hard work it took to get us to this point in the world. It may not seem far to sum, but some of us know the truth. I'm sure that more than half of us would have never survived the things our ancestors went through, and we should really take the time to really think about that. Never forget the path that was taken so that way you can 'enjoy this day off'.

Dr King was an amazing man, that did more than fight for what he believed in but he stayed true to himself during the process. That says a lot about a man's character & self respect. He stood for much more than equality & human rights, he was also a honorable black man, that was much more dedicated to his wife & children than civil rights. Not trying to down play the accomplishments he had, but just recognizing the character of that man. It takes a mentally strong man with a great deal of morals & goals with a powerful drive for life to accomplish half of what he did. That was Dr. King, we need more men like him. We do have a lot but a whole nation full. A nation full of strong black, educated, respectful, family orientated, with a passion for life & what it has to offer, faithful, confident, honorable, spiritual, thought driving, goal driving men. But I guess that's more my dream.

We tend to forget that Dr. King's holiday has only been a federal Holiday for 25 years. And to popular belief the holiday isn't observed on his birthday which is on January 15, but the third Monday of January.

First introduced to congress in 1968 by John Conyers ( D, Mich.) for a commemorative holiday days after King's death. But it stalled in congress, that is until about 6 million people signed a petition, marches in 1982 & 1983, and continuous efforts by Conyers & Rep. Shirley Chisholm ( D, NY) the holiday became official in 1983.

Since signed by President Reagan this holiday has gone through a lot, Arizona rescinds the holiday in 1987 and some states didn't call it MLK day but yet names like Human Rights day & Civil Rights day. Most felt as if the day should have played tribute to the whole civil rights movement not just one man. It also wasn't a paid holiday for most states. But that has all since changed with South Carolina as that last state to make MLK a paid holiday. Even after his death his legacy continued to make changes in our society. That's major.


We have to say thanks to MLK his wife & family, and also to those never recognized for making a difference in society, those who marched & risked their lives so that way we can just enjoy life & one another & appreciate each other for who we are! Thank you so much, we could never say that to much.

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