Monday, April 18, 2011

Meet the new faces of Carol's daugthers!!!!

Now if you ain't up on Carol's Daughters products then you must really live under a rock, but the skin & hair line has been known & loved for its use of all natural ingredient's. They started out with Mary J & miss Jada Pinkett-Smith as the spokes ladies but now they are venturing off with sum new beautiful ladies Check it out HAWTies....................

Steve Stoute, the lead investor and chairman of Carol’s Daughter, explains that Lisa Price, the founder of the brand, has always have an all-inclusion vision.
“What we’re doing now is moving into a polyethnic space. We want to be the first beauty brand that truly captures the beauty of the tapestry of skin types in America. When I say polyethnic, I mean women who are made up of several ethnicities. If you ask them what they are, they’re going to use a lot of different words to describe themselves. That’s in line with the Census data coming out — people are checking much more than two boxes. We believe we’ve put together a shoot that celebrates many different ethnicities, to become a mirror of what America’s really becoming.[...]“They will serve as cultural ambassadors in bringing forth this acceptance that the definition of beauty is now colorless. There are no longer boxes of white, black, Latina, Asian. More and more women are checking the other box, they share the vision and embody the messaging in their attitude, appearance, projects and core values.”
Each of the three new Carol’s Daughter models – Cassie (African American, Mexican and Filipino), Selita (Native American, Irish and African-American), and Solange (African American and French Creole)- are all a part of at least two racial groups, mirroring the Census figures of 9 million people saying that they are bi- or multi-racial, with white and black being the largest mixed race combination.
Selita states:
“Carol’s Daughter doesn’t have just one direct demographic. Solange’s hair is a different texture than mine; so is Cassie’s. Our skin and body types are different. Today, people are blended, and I think the three of us are a prime example. Women in my family range from vanilla to the deepest chocolate.”
Longtime investors Jada Pinkett-Smith and Mary J. Blige will continue to act as spokespersons, along with brand owner Lisa Price.

Steve Stoute says that Selita, Cassie, and Solange are representing a “millennial generation, which is basically a colorless society”:
They don’t see color anymore. They’ll say, ‘my father’s black, my mother’s white’ — there are all these ethnicities that make up these people, and what we decided to do was mirror what’s happening in America.”
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