Thursday, September 1, 2011

HAWT fall 2011 TRENDS

Hey HAWTies, how's it going this week? Hope this post finds you HAWties in good health & smiling! Well today is September 1st, not really the first day of Fall but it is a semi kick off day of the Season. We all know with new season comes new fashion/style & trends. This season the Tribal trend was big everywhere, from dresses to asseccories so I wanted to chat it up with all to talk about what to expect with this Falls Season HAWT trends! Cuz I know you all wanna know LOL LOL, gotta stay HAWT so gotta stay in the know. Right, Right! 

The first Fall trend Im excited about is VIVID colors. Bold & electric colors are going to be front & center this season. I mean come on, who doesn't like LOUD colors!! You have to light weight suck if you don't. LOL but really Bold colors in a season that is filled with dull browns & burgundy's, not to say that those colors are dull or boring but its nice to have some lively color brighten up your mood.And could you imagine those BOLD colors on certain skin tones, geez totally HAWTness. 

The next trend is All white!! This look can really never get old, look at Lisa Ray! But this season it just isn't all white its all white suits...............on women YES!!!!! Its sophisticated, sleek & sexy. Its not very hard to pull this look off but it is very easy to F' it up! If you don't know what TAILORED means ( & were ain't talk Wiz for you Khalifa fans) were talk fit, that's the most important part in any suit OK that goes for men as well HAWTies. 


The last trend I'm will go over TODAY is the Snakeskin trend, now this was a summer trend as well & J Lo did it big in a recent video of hers ( don't ask which on MMMk thanks)  But for myself that was like the only person I seen rock'n it this summer, So I guess the designers that be was like let's keep this one in rotation for another season & see what we can come up with. Honestly I have yet to find anything in this print that I would like for myself but that doesn't mean that  don't like it, just not for me YET!! 


There are plenty more Trends we will be going over in the next few days or so, if you know of some or want to talk about a few type to me HAWTies!!!! 

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