Friday, September 2, 2011

What to WeaR to a Baby Shower

HAPPY FRIDAY HAWTies!!!!!! I'm soooo excited about this 3 day weekend!!!! Not only is it Labor day weekend its my BBF's baby shower!!!!!!! YEA! I am the throwing the shower but I'm still happy as hell for her first baby. I have planned & cooked & glued & cut of so much stuff when it comes to this shower that I'm am really at my desk right now think about.....................WTW= what to wear, to this Shower. LOL. I know what your thinking HAWTies, keep it basic you are the host of the party. Well to that I would HAWTies, y'all know that I have to always look like I'm going to an after party! LOL the after party of LIFE...... lol so with that said I'm going to throw some outfits out there & y'all let me know what y'all think!! 

O BTW It's a girl ...........Zamora is her name, cute huh. 

 Now that I'm going thru these outfits, I think I know what I might wear. Her theme is Pebbles from The Flintstones, cute right? But I think I may play off the theme & wear this cheetah print dress that light & dark blue, it looks like a dress Wilma or Betty would've worn LOL. That would be perfect since I'm hosting!!! I pinky swear promise that I will post pics unlike my girl Kitra's wedding, I hardly took pics I was having so much fun& super emotional but I will still post them later on LOL. Have a great Weekend HAWTies, I may post again just come back & check in on a HAWTie, 

SMOOCHIES, Don't kill' em to hard HAWTies

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