Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beyonce spotted out after Baby Blu Ivy

Hey HAWTies Hey,

So Miss Momma Bee stepped out for the first time for her Hubbys concert at Brooklyn’s Carnegie Hall. She looked MILF in that Alice Temperly red dress, Alexander McQueen Clutch and Louboutin pumps. Now for all of the none believers look at those HIPS!!!! She HAD a baby

Bey has always been a power house in fashion, but this dress was super on point. Not only is the color FIRE but the rouching in the front works wonder for new mommies. It hides the little jiggly tummy you get after having your little bundle in a sexy way.

Isn't that cute that she is rock'm Blue polish! LOL Awwwwww she is a mommie now! Congrats to both of them on having a beautiful (I think in my head that she is cute) baby girl.  If she is looking this good after one I'm sure Jay is like lets get in about 3 more LOL. What do you HAWTies think of this look on Bey?

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