Friday, February 24, 2012

NAPURAL FRIDAY............Dear Diva Diary Edition........

Dear Diva Diary........

I am obsessed with big hair. Im not sure what it is about having a heaping load of hair of my head. Let me not lie to you of all people! LOL........ I really love the look of it of course but I honestly feel likes its a security more than anything else. It started off as OOOooo I want curls like that girl, which just happened to be some random girl I seen on one of the NAPURAL blogs I follow. Knowing dang well that my hair pattern wasnt that type LOL so why not rock a wig to get the look. Well that opened up the door to my current love affair...BIG HAIR. So you know that you couldn't tell me nothing with my first wig LOL yes we know that I an be a bit much sometimes. But I also liked the fact that it covered the side of my head that was & still is growing back from my Cassie moment LOL yea that a whole nuther diary entry ok, Dont judge me, so needless to say that I was WERK'n the hell outta the wig.... Forgot to tell you I got it sale thats ALWAYS a plus.

This is the most recent 'do 

The Previous 'Do 

I like my Snookie Hump



There goes that Shaved Head I was talkn about 

But after that wig I went right to another then another but after that I told myself that I needed to let my own hair down & when I did........................................ I was not as pleased as I was with it anymore, well before the big hair. I LOVE MY HAIR, please dont ever get it twisted. But that dang wig did something to me & my hair security! I dont like it one bit either but yet I still put that dang wig back on my Head. And the hair is getting bigger & bigger. I know, I know what your going to say is that I am beautiful either way........thanks Diva Diary but, yea yea!  Please dont give me a basic answer, a little band-aid to cover the wound. I need to ween myself from the DANG yaki, never thought you would hear that from me huh. Well I super serious I wanna go back to LOVING the way my hair looks on my completely. I just cannot believe that Im not competely just happy with what I got but atleast I can be honest with myself about it all....................

my Napural HAR  

Smoochies & Diva Struts Until next time.....................

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