Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Designer Label Whores......Open Discussions Tuesday's

Hey HAWTies Hey,

Last night watching 'The Real House Wives of ATL' they bought up a very good point!! Label Whores!!! Why it is soooooo important for a woman to rock expensive clothing items & more importantly why is it a must that others must know she is rocking the most expensive ish!

Not sure on how the life is in the ATL but I know here in the Bay we have our own type of swag, so yes you will see labels out here but its mixed with what I like to.......Bay Swag! LOL. You have to come here to truly know what I mean by that. But if you travel to Southern Cali.......You may find that you will see a lot of Label Whorish abilities.  I kinda think it depends on the duckets in your pocket........

I hardly see women with money, (You know them when you see the classy ones!) flaunting around stating & buzzing folks in that she wears nothing but Red Bottoms. I mean why would she? A women that is truly successful within herself & her business will not care about the status but her respect status!   HAWTies, have y'all ever seen Orpah stunt'n on 'em talkn bout I got all red bottoms......Ummmm no she is to be worried about how to buy a whole country &  run cable networks.  Honestly who has time or concern with who knows what or who I am rocking on any given day.

Is there a certain type of women or girl that is considered more than others a Lable Whore? Are there reasons for one being a Label Whore, like being poor majority of your life or shopping in thrifts stores all your life. Or is it a way to fit in or be better than other women, to be in with the popular crowd.  I mean Im sure that there could be plenty of reasons for loving designer labels, but why? Is my question, why are they SO super important, now please dont get me wrong were not talking about the ladies that rock designer labels & not flaunt were talkn to the other Heffa's out there. Style is much more than a Label...........

I wanted to know how a few of my HAWTies felt about this HAWT topic, Here's some HAWTies Clappn' off
Daunte C.,
"Depending on the person, like you,  you don't wear designer clothes but you work with what you got, &  Its looks good!  I'm not into labels but ummm........
It's not what you rock'n but how you wear it!"
Nathifa B.,
"I think labels are irrelevant and people who put extra on labels don't need to ...they need to let others appreciate their style and not the labels"

Angelique L.,
"Ummm can't say I really have one. the ones I have come encounter with, seem to use labels as leverage to cover insecurities of something else
I love designer labels but don't feel like I need to announce what designer I'm wearing like some feel the need to do"

Nicolle M.,
"Well u know I like to wear designer clothing, so I can't say anything negative!! lol I stay in the Baby Phat & Dereon.
I am starting to expand tho and get stuff that looks nice"

Dante W.,
"Its fine if they can support they own habit"

Rozalyn S.,
"Just my general opinion I mean if you got it flaunt it ya know I'm personally not one.

If you got the money to buy things that you want and can afford it there isn't anything wrong with it no matter what the label is it could also be that someone is just simply infatuated with buying designer brands, some do it for attention and some don't
some do it to fit in or validate their success
hell or even just feel better about their worth"

Brandon A.,
"Its nothing wrong with it, as long as u don't brag about.
Red bottoms are HOT,I think that a women who wears those items are hot. hell if u can afford it rock it. and if u get it as a gift without laying on ur back then ROCK IT! 
So hell Label Whores! Rocks!"
I'm a whatever I can afford Label Whore lol yes the clearance rack lol"
I love clothes like any other Diva does, but honestly I don't really care about labels as long as I look nice in it & its comfy on me. But I may not care about them because I don't have money to go out & blow, but then that made me think well what if I did have a gang of money in the bank all my kids education is paid for & my mom & my future grand kids are set for life (that's a RICH BITCH in my books) would I then want every Red bottom & Gucci bag known to man............................ Honestly Maybe not!  Would I own a few labels sure but not my whole closet. I know there are way more important things in life other than how much my shoes are or what the color of the bottom of my shoes are. Plus I so stylish I don't need a label to define who or what I am! WHOOP!!!!

HAWTies I would love to hear from you all on what you feel about so-called "Label Whores", Who do you all think is one of the most Famous Designer Label Whore around?

Sidenote - Don't forget to come back tomorrow for out weekly Fashion Ode!!!!!!!

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