Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hey HAWTies Hey,

I know I've been MIA for a minute now & we have much to catch up on!!! But for now let's get into our first FASHION ODE of the month, every Wednesday we will be showcasing a different person, style or trend that has made an impact. Some of these FASHION ODE's should inspiring & others may be HFF but its all in fun in the name of Fashion & Style.

Our first FASHION ODE of April goes out to the Diva of the Muppet Word, The one the only .......................................

Miss-piggy-shoulder.jpg Miss-piggy---the-muppets.png 

Miss Piggy! Yes HAWTies, LOL! Miss Piggy is described as a Prima-donna pig, but you must admit she is the most fashionable & stylish pig/muppet you've ever seen. For you HAWTies not to familiar with Miss Piggy, she is an icon to be F'ed with, she is the soul of feminine charm, but she can instantly fly into a violent rage whenever she thinks she's insulted or thwarted! She started off as a chorus singer on the Muppet show but quickly became the leading lady after her distinctive personality caught the attention of viewers. She became more than a one joke gag & turned into an actress, singer, Plus-Size fashion editor, perfume maker & Icon.  And yes as a child watching her on the muppet show  & movies, I wanted a few of her diva outfits! She may not have played a signficant role in the fashion world, but as a young child she is one of the first Diva's I seen in action & for that I salute Miss Piggy with a FASHION ODE, please follow me on Instagram (massivehawtnes) & Tumblr  to check out the rest of the ODE & to check out the rest of my FAB Fotos (yes I know I spelled it wrong LOL)


I know she is just a muppet, but style is in all shapes & forms & apparently species! lol Til mext time HAWTies..............SMOOCHIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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