Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fashion ODE

Hey HAWTies Hey,

Y'all all know it Hump Day, & that means it's FASHION ODE day!!!!! Today our ODE goes out to..............................

Bring Your Own 6-Pack - 1960's Crop Top - Sexy Ann Margaret

CROP TOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes those cute lil shirts that show off your belly/ midriff! These tops have been around for a long time, maybe a play off of the traditional Indian garment, Choli.  This sexy article can be worn in many different ways, you can go Hippy on them or you can do edgy or the girl next door!! With this versatile top a lot is possible in your wardrobe.  



In the 80's Madonna made the crop top extra Popular & racy!!!

There are so many options from tube top to bustier to Halter crop tops. So for that we Salute crops tops with a good ole Fashion ODE!!!!!

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