Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Basketball Wives Reunion...WHO KILT IT?

Hey HAWTies Hey,

Well last night was part one of the BBW (Basketball Wives) reunion show. I do not know about you HAWTies but I was glued to my set, yes I am a sucka for drama when it isn't in my life or directly affecting me. LOL. I'm sure you all are the same, or maybe not! For those of you that feel BBW gives a negative perception of women of color or women period, Shaunie O'neal ( producer of the show) offered up an apology & a promise of showing more positive aspects of the wives lives. Which is nice, I would love to see the ladies engage in volunteering there time  or seeing them with the kids & how they interact. But do you all think the editors will be having that???? I don't think so, craziness makes for GREAT TV. It would be nice to see a balance but I doubt if we would see if, with Ev throwing wine bottles, Tammy punk folks & Jen letting folks bitch slap her I doubt if they cut those screens of Shaunie & the ladies talking to battered women. #JUSTSAYING

Well this is a Fashion/Style blog so you know what this is!! Who WERK'D it last night!!!!!! The ladies had they style game turned all the way up!  Lets check out a few looks


Evelyn in a custom outfit designed for her by Jason Sky, her makeup I'm more than sure is her own Line & her cute flirty bangs topped her looked off, I loved it!!!!!


Lets not forget the shoe Game........ None other than Louboutins, super HAWT!


Ev looking BAD sitting down, HAWTies we all know how hard it is to pull this pose off!! Say what you want to about Evileen right her but she is a STYLE GOON!!!


Jennifer Williams in a Valentino jumpsuit and Chanel necklace. The Jumpsuit itself was very cute, but I didnt care for the fit of it on her! It was cool til we got to the waist & below area, NO BUENO.


Now first glance at the shoes, I wasn't a fan....until I saw this pic. These are bad as hell but maybe with a  better outfit.Overall I loved the shoes more than the outfit. BOOM!


One of the rookie's Kenya Bell didn't look old & worn out last night. Who was shocked when she didn't come out with matching Jen's Jumpsuit???? Y'all know I wasn't the only person thinking that last night!! She kept it simple in a Herge Leger jacket and Michael Kors dress.


Close up of the Jacket reminds of ........................... C'mon HAWTies.......Janet Jackson, that vest she had on in one video's cant recall which one right now, but Im busting all the dances moves in my Head. Not trying to pull a Kenya & capture on film....I'M COOL & to OLD LOL LOL. ok let me stop....


Kenya's look overall did nothing for me, it was just Ahhhhhh!


Second Rookie up is Kesha, I don't wanna say much about her. You know she stay SPOOKED, which is how I feel about this dress. DONE


Cute Bebe shoes she rocked. Did any of you HAWTies like her look?


Royce is up next, we didn't see much from her this season. Other than that God UGLY cry, boo you need to practice a bit more before crying on stage MMM kay! I like Royce but swear I always think she is rocking her HOODRAT tendencies LOL example you ask....this pose w/ that smirk on her face!


Royce's no heels heels!! I'd try to rock em, haven't tried to walk in these yet. Not sure on if I will, HAWTies did any of you care of this look?


Suzie Ketcham in Herve Leger, she looks cute & plain. PERFECT for Suzie! Nuff said. HAWTies...????


Tami the Undefeated champ of BBW looked HAWT in her custom-maded dress. I really loved that neck piece she is rocking!! She has came a longgggggggggggggggggggggg way for season 1! Please don't act like y'all don't remember the food stamp sitution, where was she going in that dress...any who!!!  Last night I will give her the third spot of HAWT after .........


THE BOSS, Shaunie O'Neal in an Emilio Pucci suit and Thomas Wylde blouse.  IN this HAWT a PINK suit she was more than KILL'N em, she buried em! This is a BAD suit!


Shaunie's shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. Always cute with her signature short-do Shaunie placed 2nd in my eyes, yes with the HAWT  suit I still LOVED Ev's look the most!

HAWTies you know I would love to hear from you all on who stole the show with their LOOK!!!

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