Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Want THAT: Evelyn Lozada reunion look for cheap.....

Hey HAWTies Hey,
If your a BBW fan, like myself...for those of you that aren't don't DON'T JUDGE US! Then I know you tuned in last night for the second half of the reunion show! I must say that I enjoyed a less drama filled reunion show, minus Tammy & Kesha!! Which I'm SO OVER! But it was nice to see Royce act in her debut play & to see That Ev & Jen made up....... After a lie detector test lol WOMEN! Lol JK with a tad bit of seriousness!!!
Ok through all of that I still Gawked at Ev's skirt!!! That Women is just sexy & that skirt made her even sexier. And now she has all, well majority of us ready to MERK this skirt this summer...., at a great price that it is! Now granted Ev's skirt was customed made by designer J. Sky ..... We've found a similar look for under $100 , minus the shoes SORRY HAWTies.......





So I know y'all want this look like me so check out this outfit for less....

Danshuz Adult Long Sleeve Crop Top
And pair it with one of these skirts! HAWTies both skirts are available at the same spot


Ecote Double Slit Skirt $69.00 @ urbanoutfitters


What do you HAWTies think,& for $69 who isn't going to buy one???? You know I would love to hear from you HAWTies!!!

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