Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hawt New Trend.....................COLORS

Well we all have been told the basic color combos from our Mothers and Grandmothers.... It was said that u can't go wrong with wearing Black and White. Either together or as a base to any outfit. Well thank god for change the new Black and White is Navy and Nude!!!!! Check out some of these pieces you can mix and match or wear boldly by themselves! The biggest way to implement this trend is by rockin a pair of killer heels or a divalious purse, but it can also be mastered with rockin separates.

Drape Pocket Shorts - Navy
Drape pocket shorts $ 38.00 @

In The Navy Romper
In the navy romper $ 58.00 @

Drive Me Daisy Earrings
Driving me daisy earrings $ 11.99 @

 Bow for a Walk Onesie
Bow for a walk onesie $ 89.99 @

Silver Screen Silk Tee - Ivory
Silver screen silk tee $ 58.00 @

Quick Edie Earrings in Socialite
Eddie earrings in socialite $ 11.99 @

Desert Drape Pants
Desert drape pants $ 68.00 @

Come a Long Wave Jacket
Come along wave jacket $ 49.99 @

Crochet v-neck sweater dress $ 59.00 @

Lorissa Spike Pump - Nude
Lorissa Spike Pump - Nude $ 195.00 @
 Library Science Heel
Library Science Heel $ 107.99 @

Just cause your professional doesn't mean you cant be sexy & sassy. Don't Kill 'em to hard HAWTies.

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