Monday, March 7, 2011

WEEKEND WRAP THAT ISH UP.....................

This past weekend was filled with.............of course drama! But let's breakdown the things you heard about this weekend. First with THE COMISSONER droppn' the video for six foot, seven foot. We all have heard the beasty single from Lil Wayne & Tory Gunz. And we must say that we more than love that song over here at MH,  our favorite line, Paper chaser tell that paper look I'm right behind ya, is our Motto this year. Anyway the video was directed by Mister Hype Williams himself, and is a play off of the movie Inception. The video is ok but the song is much better.

We love weezy but have you ever noticed he isn't talking about nothing but his word play is phenomenal. Never the less we love it . Next up is Kim K., this Heffa (yea we said it!) should know better than this.................... OKAY no were not even going to allow her WACK ASS song to be in the same post as one of our favorite entertainers so google that ish if you want, you ain't missing much & remember you cant get that 4 minutes back that's if you make it that long, we surely didn't. But she still looked very HAWT while shooting the video for this single, LAWD please help her!! she posted this pics....



Okay we already know what y'all are thinking....when did Kim K. become a light skinned black chick, Well we have no clue what's up with the tan but the Rhi Rhi/Miss Minaj inspired do is working for her. Its nice to see her outside of her norm. Betcha Brat ta tat tat would've have an issue with her look, she was just released from a 3 year bid if you don't know what happened just know that, she don't fight she don't argue she just hit that bitch with a bottle. Nuff said

IMAGE SOURCE: chickipedia

 Da Brat discussed upon her release that every lesbian in that joint wanted her goodies, she is HAWT those pics are really sexy,but there was no sneaking in her cookie jar or not eating cookies for her, either way it didn't go down, she is currently on house arrest but making it rain in the club is one of the first things she is ready to do once she can leave her home, shoot I say forget waiting.......Tell those strippers to pack up their poles &  come get this thunder storm she is ready to give....

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