Monday, March 7, 2011

MEN IN LEOPARD..........................HE'S SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Mister West & Do Right And Kill Everything are making leopard look real HAWT!! Whomever said that men cannot rock the spots have totally lost it.  This season we have seen a lot of unusual trends for men but this is a good look when pulled off right, Check it out HAWT boYs...............

IMAGE SOURCE: necolebitchie

Mister West  at the Christian Dior show wearing a Leopard Print Bomber from Givenchy’s SS (Spring/Summer) 2011 collection. You know he has always been a trendsetter in his own right, and he gets hated on a lot but you have to give it to him, He is rather dapper in this outfit not many can pull it off but he makes it look so Easy, so to all the HAWT boYs out there try thinking outside of the box like Mister West.

IMAGE SOURCE: allthings-fresh

Do Right And Kill Everything at the IMP Entertainment and Steve Marlton  Worldwide All star event at Siren Studios in Hollywood. He has his own style & is trying to come into his Khaki colored jeans. So HAWT boYs you might wanna try something different as well

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