Monday, August 29, 2011

Lil Wayne's Cater IV Album release party.......the Fashion Files

Last nite at midnight, Mr. Carter released his latest album, CARTER IV. So far Ive heard nothing but great reviews, but I haven't heard for myself but I love Wayne so my judgement my be blinded by that love, like many other fans. But no album is complete without an album release party, and this one was filled with New & Old MONEY!!!! Check it out HAWTies.......

Let's start with the YOUNG MONEY roster....

 "Dying to out weird Nicki"  Shanell rocked out  a sheer pants suit and spiked pumps, I'm just happy to see that she got the proper underwear game tight. No thongs THANK GOD. 

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj looked like her un-normal self in this get up. I'm loving her bracelets& hair this time around. Still would love to See her without some tights or leggings or stockings on just one time.

She isn't with Young Money but she is on Tour with Wayne currently, Keri Hilson looked HAWT from the ankles up, that dress is very basic but cute. I just don't like it with the black Giuseppe Zanotti ankle wrap wedges, the shoes are cute. 

 Ciara brought it back in these, makes me wanna sing LOOK AT DEM GIRLS WITH THE DAISY DUKES ON!! LOL I honestly like this look, the black pocket on the back was a hidden pop, that really worked & then with the Versace black pumps to pull the look together pure HAWTness. 

 C. Millian is always showing her sexy, in a good way. Her style screams tamed sex kitten, what I mean by tamed is, she never goes over board with the sexy. This leopard number with Red accessories looks great on her skin tone. The Dream should check himself into rehab for messing this chick over. Not only beauty but she has brains to match. 

Elise Neal

Elise  Neal looked great in this little number. The fit wasn't what I wanted it to be LOL, like I wore the damn thang but the color is on point & the nude pumps are working for me. 

Now I'm not going to show any of the male looks cuz......... I didn't like em LOL Nuff said LOL. Naw but tell me what your thoughts are HAWTies, type to me!!!!!!!

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