Thursday, February 2, 2012

Discreet but Fashionable Earbuds............

Hey HAWTies Hey,

 Am I the only one that cannot live without music in their lives, seriously if I don't have my headphone (I say single because I work on the phones, shhhhh) in my ear & totally vibe'n to the music while at work.......Its going to be a horrible day for me & my clients. So when I came across this unique but superrrrrrrrrrr HAWT MP3 player. Lets just say I was more than overjoyed!!You talking statement piece or fashion statement, this is it. I want it just because it pretty & shiny.... Even the headphone is adorable, a little loop earring!!!! I've started hinting to this a valentine's present....... to my boys. Which means I will be buying this item myself, wrap it & pretend as if they did. LOL. The more I look at it I'm wondering on why Apple didn't team up with a designer & think of this sooner, cuz this is going to pull in all the Diva's money....... I can see different styles & colors already. When you see it HAWTies please tell me you don't think the designer, Lee Won-jun is a lie that this earring plays music.

Accessories MP3 Player by Lee Won-jun

But no HAWTies he is just a little ahead of the times with this piece & I truly appreciate him for that. This is a dope earring for one but the fact that it plays music just makes me jealous that I didn't think of it but gotta  air smoochies (props) where air smoochies are due & he WERK'd that idea!!! What do you HAWTies think of it?
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