Tuesday, February 15, 2011

5 ways to transform your look

1. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Jewelry, hats, shoes, purses, scarves can all transform your look into something superb. With all the colors & prints that accessories have you can find just about anything to go with something! Try out a different style of earrings or better yet a chunky neck piece (not necklace,those are cool as well). Get creative, there are accessories out there for everyone ladies!!

2.Out with the things that do not fit properly!

Whether you gained or lost weight, there is no room in your closet for items that are ill fitting, we don't want you to get rid of GOAL CLOTHES!! (Ladies we all know what GOAL clothes are please don't front) We want those odd pair of pants you've been holding on to or that sweater that you know you will never ever wear! Let's make room for more form fitting, flattering clothes.

3.Brighten up....

A little color never hurt anyway, but the way your wear them can. Plenty of people stay away from colors for fear of looking awkward. First don't wear everything the same bright color, for example wearing purple can make you resemble Barney whether your a grande or venti Hawtie!!! Try a hawt pair of green pumps with a making purse to add color to a dull outfit, or buy a bright neon shirt & rock in with a pair of skinny's & a pair of black pumps

4. Invest in some statement pieces

Adding strong pieces to your closet will help any wardrobe stand out. Many of us don't have money so tall we can climb it, so buying a new wardrobe for every season is out of the question. Maybe buying that Louie V bag you've been eyeing or pair of those Louboutins that are super hawt. Whatever it is, splurge on that key item you want, it will upgrade your whole closet. Watch & see it will lead you to the last step!!!

5. Get inspired

Draw inspiration from your favorite celeb, a well known style icon or even a stylish person that you know .Let your imagination run wild in your closet. Shoot play dress up or rip that run way in your own bedroom. Style isn't giving  its created!! So create your own!!!!!!!!! And have fun while doing so, and please don't worry what folks have to say. Cause inside they are just dying to be just like you.

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