Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As women we all love things that we can just slip on & just go, but still feel cute & comfy in them. So with that said I know we all have like 3 or 4 pair of leggings in our closet that have different purposes. Well we wanted to show you that leggings a really take your outfit to the next level if you have the funds to match the price tag. I love all of these leggings & will be working alternates ASAP. But until then enjoy!!!!

Costume Dept - Women's Lace Leggings (Fuchsia) $63.00

Costume Dept - Women's Serpent Leggings (Black Sequin) $137.00

Costume Dept - Women's Jester Leggings (Black/Gold/White) $ 105.00

costume dept - women's Studded Leggings (Grey) $29.00

Costume Dept - Women's Knight Leggings (Black) $95.00

All of these looks are available at 80spurple 


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