Monday, February 28, 2011

Ciara, Rhianna Beef!!! WHO YOU GOT .........................

Ok so we don't normally do gossip here at MH because were all about the fashion! But two of our most beloved stylish HAWTies have bumped heads, and we wanted to hear what our HAWTies have to say about it.

It started while Ciara was making an appearance on E!'s Fashion Police. The Panel was critiquing Rhianna's Christian Dior dress and when it was Cici's turn instead of sticking to the script of the show and making a comment on the dress she says “I ran into her recently at a party and she wasn’t the nicest. I’ve always loved and respected what she’s done in fashion and it’s crazy because I’ve run into her before but this time wasn’t the most pleasant run in” and then Joan Rivers (the host) responds with “a b*tch! next”...........

Well word got back to Rhi Rhi and she wasn't to please with what she had heard & so the royal twitter rumble began, please read on ..............rihanna 1

ciara tweet

rihanna tweet 2

rihanna tweet 3

 Ciara Rihanna make up

Were happy that they made up but who do you think was out of line here Ciara for saying something fowl about Rhi Rhi on TV when the time was so inappropriate OR Rhianna going HAM on Cici on Twitter. Or the better question who do you think would win in a HAWTie stand off, who has the better swag between the 2 HAWTies???

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