Wednesday, February 2, 2011


OK fellas, Valentine's day is just 13 days away. I'm sure that some of you like to wait til the last minute to either get a gift or plan something to do. Well were going to try to help you guys out this year & suggest gifts & places to go for the next 2 weeks. Today we will focus on a nice classy dinner, but the gift is the actual outfit she will be wearing to dinner.

Now this is the look that were going for on this date, so make sure your sexiness matches her. Which we will show you looks later this week for men, but we all know that Valentine's day is for the ladies so we will focus on us for a minute. Thank you.

Closet Cut Out Shift Dress in Red $40.16 @ matchclothing
Nydia13xxx Ruffled Pump BLACK $21.85 @ makemechic

As far as the accessories fellas you can got to Forever21 or Clare's in any mall. But pick up a special something extra if you can like a nice bracelet from Macy's or the jewelry store you like to go to. If your in the Bay Area you can go to for a full list of the most romantic restaurants. If you plan this much, she will take care of the rest of the evening with gifts for you. Hope your Valentine's day is HAWT!!!!

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