Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Venti Hawt Maintenance

So... I (Nat) represents the Ventihi Hawt side of MH and I feel it is my duty.... better yet my RESPONSIBILITY to make sure all my Venti Diva's stay on point! In response to a message we got, a follower wanted to know "How to keep all my massiveness hawt?" (her exact words). I have a couple of answers....lol.... Read on and feel free to part take in some of these maintenance techniques to keep your hawtness controlled....

Option 1~ The 60 second daily routine:
                                * 5 lunges to the right then 5 to the left
                                * 5 core cross in each direction.
                                * 5 squats

FYI a core cross is done by taking the following steps...
Bring your elbow down and your knee up so that your elbow and knee on opposite sides of your body touch (or come close to touching!).

Option 2 ~ Step it up: You don't always have to take the elevator or escalator!
                               * Try taking the stairs through out your work day or try to
                                   walk to destinations instead of driving all the time.

Option 3~ Watch what you eat: Any doctor will tell you, you are what you eat....
                            * Reduce portion sizes.... you don't have to eat it all.
                            * Don't eat carbs after 12 noon.
                            * Eat more fruits and veggies through out the day.
                            * Of course drink more water!

60 second workout source: Dr. Oz
Image Souce: zazzle.com


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