Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Napural FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

Hey HAWTies!! HAPPY Freak'n F'ing Friday Luvs!!! We had finally made it to the weekend, & honestly it doesn't matter if I have anything planned or not cuz guess what I don't have to get up to go to my job ( that I am very thankful for) LOL  but its a laid back kinda day & the weather is a bit cupcake-ish!But its my weekend to think of a protective style for this head of mines til my Bday on 12/3 sooooooooooooooo I needed some napural pron not sure if y'all did or not but Imma share anyway!!!! 

Tha many many Face of myself!!! LOL You know I find it funny when I change up my hairstyles & i get all the compliments from folks that are my kind ( think about a moment) when I wear a weave or rock a front lace, but the moment I'm rock'n my napural those that are my kind hardly say anything other than those going thru their journey or someone who likes natural hair but those of the other kinds will be the first to tell me how beautiful I am & how they love my hair. Very awkward type of responses for all around, But I love me & I am comfortable enough to rock whatever I like at any given time. Regardless of whats others like or dis like. HAWTies  I would love to hear your stores or experiences with your napural.........

Yea I started with my girl crush dont judge me HAWTies

Hahahahhahaaha my Male crush! 


Cute sisters that started their own earring company called Earotic dreams check them out at


I love love love her hair!!! & that neck piece. that aint a necklace!!





I really like her lil pixie cutt!! Those shade are super mucho HAWT 

I may have to braid it on up 


This is sexy as HELL to me, WERK


Her Floral pants are rock'n 

I really like this & I think I may do it .....

have a great awesome fantastic weekend HAWTies, don't WERK to hard mmmmm kAY

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