Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Celeb Halloween Costume Wrap Up ....2011

Halloween is over so now its time to start thinkn bout what you wanna be next year!!! LOL If you plan your outfit would turn out a better success. check out the celebs that got dressed up this year. I didn't post up a bunch just a few so enjoy!
Kanye West  
Kanye as MJ!!! Is he rock;n the coat from Thriller Tho! LOL cute! 

Leona Lewis  

Leona Lewis is dressed up as Carrie!!! I love the different color eye!! She is just a HAWTie. 

Teyana Taylor and Kevin Hart  

T. Taylor as that white guy from Martin, & Kevin Hart as who else...... MJ, baby fro edition tho!


Holly Pete-Robinson was Lil Wayne, I just wished she would have rocked those leopard/ zebra style leggings he loves to hop around in so much!!! Great Idea. 

How cute the Mommy to be dressed up as a Mummy!!! lol Jessica congrats on the baby she looks so adorable & she is going to be a super cute mom. 

Other mom to be, is a cute Lil bumble bee!!! Queen Bey!!! 


Amar’e Stoudemire dressed as King Solomon, I think or maybe moses! IDk lol But that gold robe is rock'n tho!!!! And the Jesus walks sandals is killn em Boo

Nicole Richie as J. Lo, it looked like she reached in the back of the closet & grabbed that suit & boots! Not really appealling to me, now if she would've stuffed the rear!! that's costume


Kim K dressed up as Poison Ivy, which is so her right now!!!! LOL Tell me that I'm lying!!! She looks cute tho but honestly that's pretty much what she does......


Charlie B. dressed up as a gladiator! Its cool.


A. Keys is dressed as her husband!!! But she should have tried to make an uglier face! lol then she may have gotten it. 


Terrence J as Wolverine and Rocsi Diaz as the Black Swan, I have no words on her costume!! only that its fitting

Toya Carter-Wright and family 
Toya Carter ( I think she now has a new last name!!) is dressed up a Harry Potter Character not sure which one or which family members she is with! 


Eva the Diva is dressed as Storm!!! I love the sexiness of this outfit! 

Raven Symone  

Not so Raven is in a not so recognizable costume! but she looks cute none the less. 

Heidi Klum..jpg1  
Hiedi Klum always goes all out for her costumes! This is just over the top I'm not sure what to think.

Christina Milian  

C. Milli dressed up as a sexy nurse!!!! Not sure who this dude is I'm thinkn her Ex but I'm not sure. 


If you watch Lala's show then you have seen this man out on a date with Trina, Hollywood Hino is dressed like her good friend, Serena Williams. I must say that he is DEAD ON!!!! Down to the F'ed up wig!!


Amber Rose is FUCK'n em with this one!!! I love its..... she is dressed up as rocker Slash!! How original & cute!

My girl crush Solange dressed up a  Black Panther!! Get em Boo. 

Tyler, the Creator  

Tyler, the creator is goin' in. & I Fuck;n love him for it. Always Black face never WHITE face!! lol 50's boy!

Fergie dressed up as the cutest pretty pretty princess. 

Nina Sky  

I hella love this costume!!! Nina Sky got it in as Milli Vanilli!

C. Breezy!!!!! Geez I have no words, were just going to go on to end it here!!! LOL, I am some body's momma ( of boys at that I cant look at this like that!!)

Which celebs did you HAWTies enjoy the most this year????

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