Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Just Cuz SWAG...............................

Compliments to you from all the people we meet.
Yes, and Im so proud
Believe me, I love you too
Im so proud of you - Drake

Happy Tuesday HAWTies!!! 2nd day of the week & its a day closer  to Friday. Ive had a crazy start of the day & I am dressed so funky its not funny!! & to top it all off I grabbed the first wig off the wall & I look like freak'n Dora the explorer Or maybe its just my funky ass attitude that is the cause of my stankness today!!! LOL but none the less I wanted to bring you all the fashion/ style inspiration I have gathered this week from Tumblr, you can follow me on there by clicking here MassiveHawtness.tumblr.com & you can follow all of these lovely folks whose pics I have borrowed for this post!!!! 

I hope you all love this segment cuz I just absolutely love going thru & pulling out some interesting photos!!! And if you HAWTies have some flicks y'all wanna share, send me an email to Fancydeeva@gmail.com so I can post up my HAWT girls!!!! 

 This is sexy & I just don't know why... any clue?

She thought her pose was crazy looking but I loved this pic 

Her Blonde Bombshell fro is super cute. 

Classy & simple!

 If you dont have Art in your home/room please get it together

My sons want their room set up like this! I just LOL'd at them 

Get it in with the Brown skinnies on!!! 

Wish it grew, I would share.......


I just want these is all 

OKAY so I'm jealous of her purple leggings!!! Cant tell me those aren't HAWT

Color block'n on you 304's 

Simple & to the point!!! 



Her lips are just the cutest 


Diva!!! The pose is what drew me 

Who doesn't love Ty!!!! I mean come on 

Shoes yes! Pants... Is that Velvet?? 


this is so simple but hard to do, wearing hella accessories! 

I would kick a Bitches ass with these & then really go Ice skating lol 

Jermaine!!! Janet is Kill'n Em. MMMM k. Just wanted to tell u 


I would rock! seriously 


Her color blocking is HAWT I love these colors together! 

Hope you all enjoyed this quick burst of inspiration!!!! Keep it HAWT!!!!!!!!

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