Monday, November 14, 2011

Venti SWAGU (Plus size as they like to call it)

Hey HAWT I haven't done a post in a long time on Venti HAWTies & I have been getting a few complaints! I aim to please all of my HAWTies, anything to keep you all reading! Plus we all need some love & I'm want to spread mines evenly!!!!


You can't tell me that Gabby ain't werk'n it!!!! Your attitude & confidence is a major attraction not only to the opposite sex but in general! And I don't know if you HAWTies know or not but most men find that more sexy that that outfit you got on. Trust! But its good to see women comfortable in their own skin, specially in Hollywood! Where skinny is the norm & honestly it isn't that way in real life. I know for myself I have never really been one size until lately! lol I have gone up & down my whole life so I'm sure that its that way for a lot of you HAWTies. So why not have a wardrobe that makes you feel sexy no matter what size you are. It all starts within & it spills over to the outer beauty. 

It's always great to have key pieces in your wardrobe to bring out any trend finds that you may want to add along. So I went thru different Venti sites & grabbed a few items from here & there to help you ladies build up that closet & confidence. I tried to offer a variety of prices HAWTies. So please don't shoot the messenger mmmmmmmmkay 



Tops can make or break a fit, so make sure you have a variety of them from button up's to one shoulder's, the more variety the more you can mix & match

These cute tops are only about $25 bucks available at

Simple Cami's & racer tops are easy to throw on, get these tops from $4.00-$20.00 at Forever21

Graceful Dresses

 A simple dress that you could ever dress up or dress down to make a day or night look are always great to have.

These are all about $150-$250  avail at

"Marilyn" Two-Tone Short Convertible Dress - Red/Navy "Marilyn" Two-Tone Short Convertible Dress - Blue/Grey "Marilyn" Short Convertible Dress 20 - Tangerine

Nice short flowy dresses go good with chunky sweaters cop these @ for $195

These dresses can take you from day n Night like Kid Cudi but these are avail at Forever21 for $20


Very Classic look is jeans & who doesn't own a pair! If not you must be crazy but they must fit right & also sometimes tight!

Classic skinnies are super easy to throw on & can go with just about anything these FAVs are from  Forever21 are about $30 a piece

These jeans are made to fit, even these ones with that extra wagon in the back available at for about $170 a piece

TO EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR JEANS: to keep demin from fading, turn it inside out before washing in cold water, then add one teaspoon of white vinegar per pair to the load (it preserves the color).

Tailored pieces

There is nothing like step'n out with a outfit that is tailored to your body, you feel powerful & ready to play the game of life ........

This is a nice spin on a classic 2-piece Pinstriped Suit (Enamored) available at


These separates would go well with a tailored white shirt  or a simple black turtle neck. These looks are avail at

Its great to get color tailored items as well as don't be afraid of shorts, you can always rock them with leggings or stocking, pick these up at  Forever21  for about $22 

 Freak Em Dress


 Get Em HAWTies in these bling'd out dresses ( Enrich, Embolden & Emphatic) from prices range from $250.00-$300.00

Zoe Printed Charmeuse Dress Emme Ponte Knit Arrow Dress - Navy "Marilyn" Ruched Convertible Dress - Peacock Blue

These dresses are super sexy & available at & range from $208-$215

This is super cute I want one only $30 at  

These looks are very adorable & reasonable priced from $20 - $24 at Forever21


Are needed to make any outfit pop! I won't post any pics on this section but you can these any where I hear that only certain places sell large size bangles/bracelets. I will most DEF check into that for you Venti's

HAWT Jackets

There is nothing like rock'n a fly ass jacket.PERIOD!!!!
Caramel Military Jacket Crop Zip Jacket Rib Trim Leatherette Jacket
 get these looks at   all are under $45

These cute little numbers are avail from over seas for about $70 - $100 @

All White Everythang! 


All 3 looks ( Angel, Motion & Heavenly) are apart of the Inhale Collection from prices range from $200- $260


Catherine Ponte Knit Jumpsuit w/ Leather Sash Belt - Black  Catherine Ponte Knit Jumpsuit w/ Leather Sash Belt - Mocha 
Both looks (Catherine Ponte Knit Jumpsuit) are available at for $258.00

Venti's I hope if you havent found your inner sexy that this helps you out a little & for those HAWTies that have found it WERK it boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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