Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Napural Swagu!!! natural hair images

Hey HAWTies, I love being versatile with my hair!!! I love the way my curls draw up n a wash n go & I love to flip my weave when it's long ass shit!!! I honestly just love having different looks & I hear that some folks don't understand why some of us go Napural! I did it cuz I was tired of perming when I could just rock a wig or weave if I wanted straight hair & not ruin the lovely locks on my head!!!

For the past 2 weeks I've changed styles as often as clothes & n my world That's a lot for me, specially in the morning when I'm trying to get dressed for the day! lol But I wanted to share my nappy look since y'all have seen nothing but Front laces' from me lately & one I promise I will start posting up my daily fits, not that you all care or anything LOL its just fun to share.


I was just tired of my hair being braided under my wigs so, that's the inspiration of my look today!! LOL 
But why not show more Napural  HAWTies like myself so scroll on for more HAIR PORN!! 

I love her hair & the blue lipstick. WERK!!!

Doesn't she almost look like Vanessa Simmons! 

Sexy lil girl crush of mines.

Simple ponytails love it 

You cant tell me that Jimi ain't HAWT!! BULL ISHHHHH 

Up do's are awesome!!! 

This is sooooooooooo me!!!! with my son!!! except I would have 2 more with me!!! high step'n it out like I'm on the Mom runway!!!! Don't hurt em Mommie, is what I can hear my kiddies say'n LOL 

Hit me up with you FAV hairstyles HAWTies, send them to!! & maybe you will get posted!!

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