Friday, December 30, 2011

Best Dressed Celebrity in 2011....................HAWT girl edition.

Hey HAWTies, first I wanna say sorry for not completing the 12 days of a Deeva Xmas song. But it got real hectic around Xmas with my boys & all soooooooooooo yes. The life of a HAWT deeva doesn't end when the heels come off.  So thanks for sticking with me thru it all HAWTies.

I wanted to bring you all the Top 3 best dressed HAWTies of the 2011! There was no particular way I came up with the top other than  chatting it up with my Sister bloggers & y'all!!! Next year I will have a much more official round about way of doing this.

 For our 3rd place HAWTie, she has had a phemno year!!!!! Hands down she Kilt all of her competition without having to much at all but be her!! We look up to her for her uniqueness & her ability to not give a fuck about what others think of her. And please don't ever say the wrong thing about her cuz her Barbs & Kens will massive attack your ass.

Nicki Minaj

Although most of us would dare rock anything she wears, you cant lie that she rock's the ISH outta that wacky stuff!!! Everyone loves to look at all that wagon she is dragg'n, then the other half of us love to see what style, color, length hair she is wear'n. From it all she has kept a lil bit of everyone eyes ALL ON HER!
If y'all don't know she is one of my girl crushes & its not only that she looks good as Hell, its her I don't give a WHAT attitude that I love. She does her a true ass Savage Ass Sagittarius.

A one-of-a-kind Nicki Minaj Barbie created by Mattel will be auctioned off on starting at a bid of $1,000 until Dec. 19. All proceeds will go to Project Angel Food, which provided meals for men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS. Nicki cant be stopped!!!

Im looking forward to the make up next year from this HAWTie!!!! also the wigs!


This next HAWTie has been on the scene for a minute now!!!But her sense of style just came about, well at least to myself in the past few years!!! We love how no matter who she is married to!!!! All I want is more HAWT dresses from this lovely HAWTie.

Lala Vasquez

In the past few years her style has changed up, not sure if its due to her new besties!!!!

Kelly Rowland, , Lala Vasquez and Kim Kardashian


This HAWTie had a pretty good year as well, She rocked the beginning of the year with a TWA & she got all kinds of Love & hate from it!! She is nothing like her older sis as far as style goes, she is in a league of her own. That's part of the reason why I love her so! She wears many many hats, from Mommy to singer to model & she wears them well. I respect her & her sense of style that's why I picked her as our #1 HAWTie!!!
Solange Knowles

I love how she mixes up old style with her own spin!! She even had me rock'n the Poetic Justice braids this year, & I was HAWT as hell in em just like her!!!

Photo by:
Her style-tude, is one of an old soul mix with a lil pop!



Honestly I cant wait to see what hair styles she rocks in the next year!!!! 

Also I would like to thank you HAWTies for hold'n me down!! Today is my 1 year blogversity!!!!! I plan to keep this one going & get a baking one going!! I hope you all continue to support me & my blog sisters in style!!! Please Check them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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