Friday, December 16, 2011

Nappy Firday natural styles!

Hey HAWTies is Nappy Friday!!! I love my napural hair , but this style is one of my protective styles, Ive washed & deep conditioned my hair & braided it up & I'm rockin' my big hair don't care wig. Every nite I take it off & put in my a wig head & make sure that I condition my hair. no one likes dry hair. NO ONE. I just keep out a lonely piece of hair out in the front & tie it all up at night. 

Cruise'n thru my Tumblr dashboard I find all types of Naputal HAWTies, with lovely awesome hair & styles of all kinds. It's fun to get hair inspiration from all places! So check it out HAWTies..........



Its me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rashanda Dee!!!!!!!!!! LOL



















OK they need to hurry up & make these so I can buy them all for my God Daughter Zamora & play! 

OKAY so I love her hair! & I think I wanna do something like this for New Years. But I'm not sure just yet if I'm going anywhere. 

 I love her HAIR!!!!! & outfit! lol 

 Ok HAWTies I hope you all enjoy your Weekend, 12 days of Xmas will be back on Monday HAWTies!! 
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