Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HAWT Off The Press: Wild Style Daphne Groeneveld by Greg Kadel for Numéro 124

Daphne Groeneveld takes us for a strut on the wild side. With her kirky demeanor, bold stares, perplex looks and animalistic mannerisms. She was clearly in another state of mind mentally to execute the shoot to the level of perfection she did.  Thankfully she took  our sister blog TheUrbanClassBoutique & us along for the journey.

OK I was juiced there for a sec. I thought she was throw'n up the MH sign (deuces in the air, held tight) I was going crazy in my head LOL, but am I the only one that wants to kiss those cute little pouty lips of hers???? Okay maybe I am but check out the rest of the HAWTness at our sister blog TheUrbanClassBoutique 

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