Monday, June 6, 2011

How to keep it professional during the HAWT summer

Well since the weather wasn't all that great last week, so hence the last of bathing suit posts last week. So we decided to change up the topic, it's not really officially summer even tho it's June, let's chop it up about proper work attire during the summer time. We all know that the summer heat can get the best of most of us, so being at work in that hot ole stuffy suit isn't always the best outfit choice, or wearing shorts for that matter. Most offices have dress codes, so we'll just say that those are the basic rules of dress. Start by finding out what is on the dress code list, my job has a complete list with definitions on the back just to make sure that we totally understand what they mean LOL, as if it wasn't clear by the list but none the less I follow.

When you think of summer you think of laying beach side with a drink in your hand looking real HAWT in that bathing suit & sunglasses your rock'n but truth is most of us are at work during the summer. So being that laxed really isn't an option inside the work place. So let's just keep the bathing suit & accessories outside of the office LOL. Lets go over a few rules that you should apply on top of your basic office dress code that should help make the summer a breeze in the office as well...


We all know the regular basic colors of office attire, but during the spring & summer seasons, colors are the thing!! So adding a little color to your wardrobe can be a bit tricky if your office is extra stiff, but there are a few tricks & ways around it. Try rock'n a bright pair of stilettos & matching clutch with you all grey or black dress or a colored dress with all black accessories or a basic colorful cardigan in tangerine maybe.That way it's not too much color but just enough pop for a summer 'fit.


This season tribal & floral prints are super in, but it is super easy to go overboard with them. Try sticking to prints that aren't super loud, & some that go with your personality. When I say personality for example, I wore a pink floral shirt with a navy blue & white striped skirt, yes it sounds very weird but if you know me you know that I can pull it off & it not looking super crazy. But not all would get away with pulling that off, so stick with one print like a tribal top with a nice black high waisted skirt & sum basic heels or a tribal printed wedge. The key is to not look to mix/match.


The best thing to show off if anything in an office is your arms. Specially if your getting you Mrs. O (Obama) or Angela Basset on in the arms area. That doesn't mean break out all of the tank tops or spaghetti straps. Keep it times & classic by choosing a dress or top with an inch or so thick strap. Showing off your legs are nice as well but we cannot wear minis to work but try wearing a cute pair of heels with a nice knee length dress or skirt to show off the legs but not to much. There is a such thing as too sexy at work.


If you don't know many work spaces consider flip flop are major safety hazard so they are on the top of the no-no list for shoe attire. No one wants something heavy falling on their cute little toes. So we must keep in mind that its not always about cuteness & comfort. Chunky strapped sandals with a heel or wedge are totally in this season & will go with anything like dresses, suits or skirts. Leave those closed toe heels or leather oxford's in the closet.


We all got our good ole faithful purse or earrings that you can wear with just about anything or you wear on a daily basis. Summer is about being HAWT & spicy so switch it up a little, try a different color like nude purse, that will go with just about anything other than that leather black purse. Or you can try adding a few new pieces to your accessories box like a new chunky necklace or a printed scarf. A new accessories can totally change the look of an old outfit that you've had in that closet that needs a new life. Try out an old dress with a funky new belt & a statement necklace, you wont be mad that you did.


We all love a nice breezy summer dress, but some cannot make an appearance in the office. If you stick to sum rules then you may be able to pull it off. First off no bare backs, halters or tube dresses, please have quarter length sleeves or an inch thick strap. Make sure that your cleavage area is not out to much, if your like me you may need to pin the girls back lol. NO tight dress or short ones either, stick with a dress with a light weight material almost floaty like. With the light weight material it is a sure way to keep cool in the office, but when wearing a sun dress its always best to bring a long a light weight sweater or cardigan as well, cause you never know.

Just be smart about it HAWTies. Your never want people's perception to a negative one, & unfortunately it often times begins with appearance. You always want to dress for the position you want not the position your in, even in the summer months. Rules have changed tremendously in the work place but not drastically, so if your ever in doubt go back the orginal set of rules & that's the dress code. How do you HAWTies feel about being too SEXy in the work place?????

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