Friday, June 3, 2011

Swim Suit accessories.......... which ones to have????

Hey HAWTies, ever wondered how to travel to the beach in style but yet with all of the item that you need to remain a true diva on the beach. Well were here to let you in on the goods of what to put in that too cute beach bag of yours. We all know the most important item will be sun block but if your trying to get your tan on then of course you will need sun tan lotion or such. Please note that no matter what color HAWTie you are sun protection is very important so please make sure you buy the proper one for yourself K, OKAY with that outta the way lets get down to the other good stuff that goes in the bag .........


The type of bag depends on what type of Diva you are, for example Mommie Diva's would need to carry an extremely large bag for extra toys or books for the kiddies or if your a High Maintenance Diva then you may want to bring your designer Beach bag to the party so you can feel like luxury, different bags have different meaning so please make sure you pick on that is in tune with your needs.


Can't have that beautiful soft skin sitting on the hot sand all day, NO BUENO! You must bring a towel or blanket to sit lay or par-lay on for your day at the beach. I like to take both, just cuz I am one that will get into the water at the beach & i need my towel to cover me complete & the beach towels work best for that & then I can still lay on my blanket as freely as I like. SO why not bring both & now they have blanket that zip into a cute little pouch so you don't really have any excuses anymore on why you cant have both

Steve Madden Juliet Beach Towel
Steve Madden Juliet Beach Towel $19.99 @

Giraffe Camo Print Beach Towel
Giraffe Camo Print Beach Towel $15.99 @

Product Image JJ Cole Essentials Blanket – Grey/Red
JJ Cole Essentials Blanket $29.99 @

Now a true diva will never leave the house with out a pair or two of sun glasses, shoot some of us keep them in the car at all times, just so we wont be caught out there with out any. The sun can do a number on yours eyes, so the only protective wear is sun glasses. Make sure to take them off from time to time while on the Beach you don't want a tan on your face. LOL imagine that.

Betsey Johnson $50.00 @


To  protect that HAWT ass face of yours diva please don't forget to pull out that large brimmed hat or the floppy straw sun hats as well. You don't have to wear it the whole time but it is a good practice to bring it along with you, specially when you forget those dive shades........

Color Swirl Floppy Hat $12.80 @ 


This is a no brainer, we already know if its a HAWT day out then the sand will be as well, And honestly who wants to walk on that. No I! But again try not to keep them on all day at the beach you get those tan lines that aren't very nice when trying to wear a different pair of kicks. For those HAWTies out there serious about your beach time a pair of water shoes are always nice & comfy as well.

Floral Whimsy Flip Flops $5.80 @ 


Three deadly sins for dehydration is sun, sand & heat!! All of which will be at the beach,so please pack your water if nothing else but a few snacks wont hurt you well. you need to stay hydrated & full of energy so you stay in your correct mind cuz Never know when a HAWT boy will walk up on you or randomly bump into you & you wanna stay on your A game, cuz in your correct state of mind he may not be that cute........... lol


Yea you can bring a book or a few magazines, its nice to have a down relax time so I like to take my sketch pad & a few pencils, but I also like to brings things that require other people to participate with you like volley ball or Frisbee, this way you have an opportunity to meet new people which is always nice.


Who doesn't like an ice cream or lemonade when at the beach. Often times small vendor don't have card machines for you to slide that plastic, but really who wants to at a small no name vendor..... Bring cash that you can tuck away in your socks or pouch. That way you get to indulge yourself in some of the guilty pleasures at the beach.....mmmmm.


You may need to pack you swim suit or wear it to the beach but once you leave the beach you may want to have something a little warmer than what you came in. It can get cold quickly by the water so pack an extra outfit, maybe a nice beach dress & a small coat you can tuck in your bag. You never know you may have some impromptu outing you may need to look HAWT for so Kill em.

Enlarge: Arcobaleno by La Perla 2010Enlarge: Arelia  by Melissa Odabash 2011


For those HAWTies that will actually get in the water once out you wanna get that ocean water out of your hair so bring a good shampoo that will get rid of most of the dirt til you get home to deep condition it up, also body wash a quick lather & rinse is good if you have no plans after so keep that in mind. All HAWTies should bring lotion, lip gloss to keep the skin & lips moistened, I hate being dry don't know bout y'all. Lastly always keep a first aid big or small a few items will go a long way.

Hope your day at the beach is as HAWT as you are HAWTies dont kill to bad........ shoot F' it knock em  feet & beyond!!!!!!

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