Monday, October 31, 2011

HAppy HAWT Halloween!!!!!!!

Hey HAWTies!! Its the Best Holiday Ever on the planet today!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! I have been busy all day at work but that will never stop me from posting LOL that's bad but the truth! Well I have some clues on my costume. Okay here they Go................

#1 Snoop 

#2 Soda

#3 Smell the Nut.....................................

The Sun Drop Girl, been dropping like its HAWT all damn day!!!!


This is the new love of my life ( don't tell my Boys) Zamora " ZZ Top" this is my God baby dressed up as a Raider Nation Cheerleader!!!! 



This is my Luv Bug _ Roz from work as a "PINK LADY" I asked her to bust some moves from the movie, but she wasn't having it!!! I loves this girl!!!!! She is just as crazy as me & that works for me!!!! Get Em girl!


This is my BEST BITCH EVER (BBF) Nat!! my Fashion partner in Crime dressed as a sexy Football player, aint making not a nar nutter of a pss or tackle but will do all the snaps LOL LOL, She is the Keeper of my god baby aka the mama!!!


Yes I made my own costume with a 2 liter soda!!!! Everything else I had n the closet, don't judge be about these leg warmers!!!  I still wanna see what you HAWTies came up with. O & I didn't go out this weekend so I didn't rock my Wicked Witch of the East fit but I still may post pics!!!

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