Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What to Wear Thanksgiving HAWTness

HAPPY Thanksgiving HAWTies.... I wanna say that I am thankful for you all that keep me motivated to keep blogg'n!! So thanks HAWT girls! Also I am thankful for my Squad (3 boys) that keeps me going & going & going! But with all this Cook'n I'm about to do I wanted to tell y'all that I rocks straight leggings ( Don't Judge Me!) on the big Thanks day, why you ask Hawties..... So I can tear it down & not feel horrible bout my pants not fitting or feeling uncomfortable or stuffed LOL. Shoot I figure all the food & goodies I'm making why let everyone Else's taste bud get further all cuz I cant eat another bite! LOL Yea I know this sounds mad greedy but its the truth plus I try not to eat mad food so I can go wild on the big day. Ive picked out a few fits that will work great with leggings & still have you looking like that HAWT girl you are......







Which is your style or what will you be rocking tomorrow HAWTies?? I hope you all don't gain any weight but eat all that you want! & be THANKFUL for the good & the bad..... without the bad you wouldn't have a clue what GOOD is!!! 

1 comment:

  1. Love the first and second looks, but I really love the bright pink sheer blouse. I'm so into button-ups right now.



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