Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gaga goes GAGA on Letterman...........

The Monstrous diva herself, Lady G hit up the Letterman show last nite & please believe that it was a moment that you had to experience for yourself.

lady gaga dave letterman
Lady G arriving at the show

lady gaga outside of dave letterman

lady gaga at best buy

lady gaga paper
Gaga ate Letterman's notes that had a bunch of rumor questions that he wanted to ask her, she did answer so of them but I think she got fed up with the BS & ate the ish..................CLASSIC!!!!!!!!

Could you imagine being asked a bunch of outlandish questions about your life that you knew weren't true at all, I know I would be fed up shoot I'm not even famous (YET) & I hate being asked dumb ass questions about me or not. What do you HAWTies think & who saw the show??

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