Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jeneil Williams, Ubah Hassan, Cici Ali & More “Tribute to Black Beauties” Vogue Italia May 2011

Jeneil Williams, Cici Ali, Ubah Hassan, Gayle McDonald, Kelly Moreira, Jae Childs , R’el Dade, Jasmine Tookas, Lily Taylor and  Ariel Meredith are featured in “Tribute to Black Beauties” Vogue Italia May 201. The lovely bunch sport afro wigs, bold accessories and lots of colour in looks from Missoni, Prada, Ports 1961 , and more. Claire Sulmers from the FashionBombdaily  wrote the article for this spread. Check it out below.

With bright eyes peering out under deliciously curled lashes, cheekbones and jawbones contoured as if chiseled from sharp stone, full noses, and sumptuously lush lips, black women are unquestionably beautiful.

A tribute is due to the woman whose skin tone ranges from alabaster to mahogany to smooth onyx, who can flawlessly carry any makeup look—from gold dusted lids to fuchsia blush to ripe purple and pink glosses. These pages pay homage to the versatile woman whose hair can oscillate from a tightly coiled and coifed Afro, to sleek layers, to a slicked back pixie cut in a matter of minutes. To the divine woman whose enviably full lips, strong, white teeth, and delightful smile have been known to electrify the hearts of many. To the siren whose smooth, velvety skin blocks the sun yet remains supple and unblemished with the passage of time.

Variable and diverse, black beauty escapes simple classification. But no matter the incarnation—whether the color of molasses, café au lait, bronze, tan, or tinged like desert sand—black beauties radiate with poise and multidimensional splendor.” by Claire SulmersFashion Bomb Daily

The HAWT afros' they rock'n

This is a super HAWT sexy PIC, Just WOW can ya'll feel all that??????

This is one of our FAV pics out of the whole spread, please peek the SHOEs HAWTies, & they are givng FACE!!!!!!!!!

This spread was one of the most enjoyable we haev seen this year. The colors the pose's & models all did their thing.  All the HAWT trends they blended a few well together, the neon's the tribal & the stripes, man to much HAWTness. What do you HAWTies think about it?

Image source: Vogue Italia

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