Monday, May 23, 2011

2011 Billboard Awards White Carpet

Last nite's Billboard Awards white carpet was full of HAWT fashion & epic fails, so I pulled a few looks that I wanted to chat about.

Rhianna looking very poised in all White & that fiery 'Do just popped. Very beautiful.

Miss Nicki M looked........................ well, I love, love, love Nicki Minaj, she is my girl crush & her music is HAWT, but I would give anything to see her in something grown up looking at an award show. She wore a Mark Fast jumpsuit with white Versace heels. I know she has multiple personalities but I know there is a grown ass one in her somewhere.

Taylor Swift looks very regal in this gown pimped out with gold, very HAWT very simple red lip. Good choice young lady!!

Selena Gomez, no such a good choice! I feel if you wear a cut out dress then you have to have the body to fill it out. Minus the cut out maybe I would've rocked with her, but this aint it for her I've seen her dressed way better...

Ke$ha another pop diva I adore, her style & IDC attitude makes her sexy in her own right......... this aint sexy at all I'm thinking her recent run in's with T-Pain has rubbed off on her, cuz his sense of fashion is for a HNP ( whole Nuther Post,LOL)

The Queen of R&B Miss MJ Bilge, this will always be my one, I super love this lady & I kinda like the dress other than it making her look a little hippie cuz of the outline of the leopard. But she rocks the Blonde like no other...HAWT DIVA.

Alright now Miss Kells, we've all seen her in a number of looks & wigs that made her look like she was one of the girls kicked out the DC but she got it right this time around in this Pink Herve Leger bondage dress with nude heels, maybe she had sum Motivation......she's killin' it right now with that one.  I love Bey & we know we rule the world, but we all need sum motivation......

Miss Keri Babe!!!! is rock'n this 60's inspired dress & her hair looks good, I've seen better from her but I've also seen worse, but this look over all is HAWT

Neyo looked......... shall I say handsome, lol. I'm a fan but not of his looks but this one is working in his favor & I always love it when he wears a hat to cover whatever he got going on top.

Nas graced us with his presence on the white carpet, okay am I the only one that wants Kelis back in his life if only just to style him, cuz I cannot rock with this, the dark on top & light on bottom.

Fergie Yet another pop diva that got it wrong in this custom Herve Leger dress, she looks more like Britney than her Fergerlicous self & that says a lot.

Trey looked HAWt the look was simple but he rocked it out.

Far East Movement had their own style jump'n off on the white carpet, haven't heard of them..... Google them cuz I had to. Their looked intrigued me to.

Taboo of Black Eyes Peas............ nuff said so Imma shut up just shut up shut up ..........onto the next lol

Lastly on the white carpet Michelle & Kelly looking super HAWT, both ladies are on point. Michelle girl I didn't know you had it in you.

 All the HAWT looks on the carpet out Fav has to go to Rhi Rhi, that all white with the red locks just did for me! She did it on em!!!!

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